From the desk of the President

Robbin Ghosh – An Air Force Combat Fighter Pilot

As a child, I was very adventurous, filled with mischiefs, full of questions, wanted to know the mysteries of the world. Just as your child does, loved to be read to and hear about the wonders of the world? We loved to hear the stories of giants and goblins and elves and monsters and demons and serpents and the evil demon kings and also how the gods eventually always won. We read and delved in to those mysteries and learnt that honesty, purity and truth always won. We learnt, from our folklores and myths that if you want to be the king of the world, be kind, be pure, be caring and like the kings learnt to give. Give to your children, give to your family, give to those, who are in need. I welcome you to create a world like that for our children. Talk to them, read to them and take the journey together in to the mysteries of the world?

Today’s western influence and the impact of television along with the advancement of technology, has robbed us of our roots of ancient truths of ours as well as of those other countries, which include Indian Vedanta, Upanishads and rich epics of all countries. I welcome you to combine the richness of our ancient Masters along with the latest quests for truths with the help of modern technology and Western science!

I was divinely blessed to be one amongst six children, born to a great and a very adventurous father, a spiritually inspired, creative, equally adventurous and devoted mother. From our early childhood, we were introduced to, read to and through stories talked and discussed about three main things: God and Godly persons – their implausible achievements, sports and adventurous great feats – who had done what? Our story telling and reading times were dinner time and bed time. We grew up, wanting to become one of them and achieve such great goals.

I welcome you, with these thoughts that we as parents and teachers, need to look at the potentials, within our children and not try to make them become one like us. I welcome you with the thought that God’s seed is in them and expression of that Divinity, from inside of them, discovering that secret power from within them, is education, is parenting and is schooling.

For us, not to concentrate, on what they are not but what they can be. Welcome them in to the world of potentiality, best spiritual heritage of the world and of this country India.

I remember, despite my mischievous nature, my father always, always told us that nothing is impossible for you, that we could handle anything, that we could solve all the problems of life. That ‘everything is possible’. You have to just choose to try, dream to become.

Think back –Lawrence of Arabia: The Authorised Biography of T. E. Lawrence – a book by Jeremy Wilson, I quote, “ All people dream but most people dream in the recesses of the darkness of night and wake up in the morning to know, it was only a dream. Dangerous are, however, the men and women, who dream during the day, with their eyes open. Because they make their dream come true.

Dear parents, teachers, mentors, facilitators and guides, let us jointly teach our children to dream fearlessly and dream ‘BIG’, until their dreams become their reality.

As parents, we want our children to be successful and more successful than ourselves. Success, we often count in terms of material gains such as money cars, houses and a good bank balance. Western world has realized now that success is not having abundance of material possessions. That success is not simply possessing abundance of the material world, but is to be measured in many non-material ways as well. Peace, happiness, being loved and having someone to love as well are pointers to happiness. Success is often not known to others is the capacity to be able to be able to give to others.

The golden rule, as given in Upanishad is, “If you want to get something, give it first”. I am delighted to see that our children as Victorious Kidss, are well guided by you as parents and have really big hearts.

I welcome you to this world of abundance, where in giving, we receive the abundance of this Universe, where there is no shortage, in the future world for our children.

Welcome to this world of abundance, where there is no shortage for any one.

Robbin Ghosh