We at Victorious Kidss Educares aim to build lifelong learners who are well prepared to face any challenge they would face in their life. As soon as a student finishes schooling the first challenge is to get admission in a good college or university. Education at VKE along with the teaching and learning of IB provides students with all the necessary skills and aptitude to succeed in their higher education.

IB education is one of the worlds most renowned and recognized education system. Higher education institute around the world admit students based on their IB results. IB provides support to students in getting admission in universities. Information on IB university recognition can be found from the following link:


VKE Career Counseling department provides excellent support for students in shortlisting Universities and helps them with their application process by providing necessary documents, transcripts, recommendation letters etc.

Admission within India

The IB Programmes are widely recognized in India. The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) recognizes the IB Diploma as equivalent to the 10+2 qualification of the Senior Secondary School. Undergraduate courses in India take this as the eligibility criteria. For the ease of admission IB issues equivalency certificate to the student who apply for admission in Indian universities mentioning the equivalent percentage of the IBDP grades. The MYP Certificate is also recognized as equivalent to Standard 10 certificate and allows student to take admission in any Junior College in India.

Medical, Engineering and many other professional courses carry out entrance tests, IB students are eligible to participate in these tests provided they have chosen the right combination of subjects.

A detailed guide with list and procedures of various Indian Universities along with the necessary documents such as recognition by AIU are available on the IB website. For details about the conversion of IB grades to percentage scores can be found below:

Admissions outside India

The International Baccalaureate and IB Diploma have a high level of recognition abroad. The IB works towards making sure that DP is globally recognised by universities. Successful IBDP candidates gain course credits, scholarship and other benefits at many universities.  IB Diploma is recognized in more than 75 countries and by more than 2000 universities. IB website also provides searchable directory of universities with their policies and requirements. It also maintains a list of universities which offer scholarship to IBDP students and the conditions for the scholarships.

The IB curriculum helps students ”think critically, synthesize knowledge, reflect on their own thought processes and get their feet wet in interdisciplinary thinking.” – Howard Gardner – Educational Psychologist at Harvard (Source New York Times – 21 June 2003)

College Placements

University Placements of DP 2 (Grade 12) – 2021-2022

S.NO.Student NameOffers ReceivedScholarship Offered
Tanishka Abhijit Shah
University of Melbourne, Australia
Temple University, USAUndergraduate Tuition Scholarship: $ 100,000: $20,000 annually for 4 years; Financial aid (Owl Nest Award)- $5000
Carleton University, CanadaMerit-based Scholarship
CAD 16,000 (4*4000) + CAD 5,000
Saloni Dharmesh Maniar
University of Massachusetts- Amherst, USAMerit-based Scholarship: Chancellor’s Academic Award $16,000 per year
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USAMerit-based Scholarship
International Scholarship – $12,500 per year
Women of Excellence – $5,000 per year
Florida Institute of Technology, USAMerit-based Scholarship: Panther Fund International Scholarship $10,000 per year
Ohio State University, USA
Penn State University, USA
Monash University, Australia
University of British Columbia, CanadaNone
University of Toronto, CanadaMerit-based Scholarship
International Scholarship – $10,000 per year
The University of California, Berkeley, USA
Ananya Nipane
University of York, UK
University of Sussex, UK
University of Birmingham, UK
University of Utah (honours college), UK
University of Birmingham, UK
Indiana University- Bloomington, USGlobal engagement scholarship – $44,000
University College London, UKNone
Kaushik Patra
Michigan State University, USAInternational Tuition Grant: $21,000 annually for 4 years
University of Glasgow, UK
University of San Francisco, USAAnnual tuition scholarship of 27,000 USD
University of Georgia, USAAnnual tuition scholarship of 9,000 USD
University of Wisconsin Madison, USA
University of Warwick, UK
University of Dundee, UKAnnual tuition scholarship- 7,000 Pound
King’s College London, UK
University of Bath, UK
University of Southern California, USA
Ashoka University, Sonipat, India
Northeastern University, USA
Saanvi Jiteendra
University of Birmingham, UK
University of Southampton, UK
University of Bath, UK
Rahin Rafiq
University of Western Ontario, Canada
Queens University, Canada
University of Alberta, CanadaMerit-based Scholarship: $3,000.00
University of Waterloo, CanadaMerit-based Scholarship: $3,000.01
McMaster University, CanadaEngineering Award of Excellence: $3,000.00
Vinamra Ajay Tapadiya
UW Stout, USAMerit-Based Scholarship- $5000
University of Arizona, USAMerit-Based Scholarship- Global Wildcat Award – $5500
The University of California, Riverside, USA
OHIO University, UniversityMerit-Based Scholarship- $5000
Ritwik Amitabh Srivastava
Maastricht University, Netherlands
Ohio State University, USA
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Purdue University, USAMerit-Based Scholarship- Rs. 1 lac per annum
Vrije University- Amsterdam, NetherlandsNone
Krish Praveen
Monash University, Australia
The University of Sydney, Australia
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
RMIT, AustraliaFinancial aid- 20% of Tuition fee
10Varun Malav RaijiKrea University, Sricity, AP, India
Arushi Arney
York University, Canada
San Deigo State University, USA
University of Toronto, CanadaUniversity of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Entrance Award of Merit$ 2,000.
Indiana University- Bloomington, USGlobal Engagement
Scholarship for $4,000 in total—or $1,000 per academic year.
Northern Illinois University, USAInternational Undergraduate Merit Scholarship- $5000
University of Western Ontario, Canada
Aashe Singh
Durham University, UK
The University of Manchester, UK
Nandni Tyagi
University of British Columbia, Canada
Queen’s University, Canada
York University, Canada
14Kanak KokareDeakin University, Australia
Kunal Narwani
Inholland information technology University, Netherlands
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Radboud university Nijmegen, Netherlands
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Rengerslaan, Netherlands
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
16Rashi JainFLAMES University
Aarya Dhumal
NABA, Milan, ItalyFinancial aid- 20% of Tuition fee
Istituto Marangoni, London, UKNone
Arts University Bournemouth, UKNone
Dhruv Sawant
Indiana University- Bloomington, USMerit-Based Scholarship- $44,000
Trinity College, Dublin-College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
Ohio State University, USA
19Advait Santosh MadanalUnited World Institute Of Design (UID), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Sanjana Bihani
Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune, Maharashtra, India
ATLAS SkillTech University- ISDI, Mumbai, India
21Harshvardhan TupeAjeenkya D.Y. Patil University, Pune
22Sahil KawadeMIT-WPU, Pune
23Kumarpal Mahesh OswalMIDAS School of Entrepreneurship, Pune
24Varun Malav RaijiKrea University, Sricity, AP, India
25Dwij Dinesh LokhandeISH, Gurugram
26Soham Vishal TupeMIT-WPU, Pune
27Meet Shivanand ChapaleMIT-ADT, Pune
28Arya PasalkarMIT-ADT, Pune
29Rudra Pavan AgrawalVijaybhoomi University, Karjat, Mumbai
30Akansha Pramod AttavarIIHM, Pune
31Richa SoniMIT-WPU, Pune
32Ishaan PaliwalAjeenkya D.Y. Patil University, Pune
33Anushka HakkeAjeenkya D.Y. Patil University, Pune