A Budding Author from Victorious Kidss Educares

Nishi Rathod, a budding author from MYP 1A has penned down her imagination in a strikingly impressive manner. Her creativity and form of expression have culminated into a fascinating and thrilling piece of fiction. To experience the adventurous world of Berry Woods, read on….


Once upon a time, there were three friends named Janet, Lucy and Emma. They were an adventure club called ‘Explorers’. Every weekend, the Explorers visited different places and wrote reports on what they saw and did. These reports were published in the Monday Special Magazine every week. Many people loved to read their interesting reports.
Now, let me narrate to you their latest and most exciting adventure! One fine morning…
‘Ting-Tong’, Lucy’s doorbell rang. She ran to see who’s there. ‘Hi, Janet! Hi, Emma! It’s good to see you again. Please come inside’. Lucy informed her mother about their arrival and took her friends to her room. ‘Lucy, it’s Thursday already, and we haven’t decided where to go this weekend!’ Janet started. ‘Yes, we have come here to discuss where to go,’ said Emma. ‘Have you thought of some places where we could go? We haven’t, so we came to you,’ she said. ‘Oh yes, I have! Let me show you,’ Lucy replied. She turned on her computer and said, ‘I’ve thought of these two – Eddin Lake and Berry Woods. Would you like to go to one of these?’ ‘Oh, yes! Let’s decide which one to go to,’ said Emma and Janet. ‘OK, we’ll see which one gets the most votes. First you start, Janet’ said Lucy. ‘I’d like to go to Eddin Lake and explore islands on it,’ said Janet. Emma said, ‘I’d like to go to Berry woods and have a picnic under the shade of a tree.’ ‘Emma, you really think of food first and then exploring!’ laughed Janet. Lucy said, ‘I’ve heard that there is a cliff called Ziggy cliff there. I’d like to go to Berry woods too and see the view from the top of the cliff.’ So, it was decided that this weekend, they would go to Berry Woods and the next to Eddin Lake. Janet and Emma went back home.
On Saturday, the Explorers were gathered at Emma’s house, because her father had agreed to take them to Berry Woods. Emma brought the picnic; Lucy brought the water, the notepads and pens and Janet brought the gear: torches, binoculars and a camera. They got into the car after they had checked that they had got everything on their list. They were all set to start their adventure!
It was a long one-and-a-half hour’s drive to Berry Woods and finally the Explorers reached their destination. The entrance was amazing, the bushes were cut into an arch and BERRY WOODS was written with golden letters on it. ‘Wow!’ the three admired the entrance. Once they got inside, Janet was clicking photos of everything and Lucy was taking samples of every leaf and flower type she could find. Emma found a rare mushroom species growing. ‘Can’t I eat one, I love mushrooms,’ she asked. ‘Don’t you dare! Those mushrooms are poisonous,’ said Lucy, as she put one into her backpack. After a long time of walking, talking, clicking photos, collecting flowers and plants, Janet said, ‘Here’s a nice spot! Let’s eat our picnic over here! I’m sure you two are hungry.’ ‘OK! Let’s setup our picnic,’ said Lucy and Emma. So they set it up and ate a tasty cold meal. Yum! After they finished, Emma suggested, ‘Let’s go to Ziggy Cliff now.’ ‘OK!’ said Janet and Lucy. They picked up a Rafflesia bud which Janet had spotted and went towards the cliff. As they were going towards Ziggy Cliff, they saw a sign which said, ‘Route to Ziggy Cliff: Go straight ahead and then take the second turning from the left when the path divides into four.’ ‘OK, we have to remember this,’ said Janet. ‘Ha ha ha!’ Lucy and Emma laughed, because she was quite capable of forgetting even the most important dates, like Christmas or Easter. As they went deeper into the forest, it was getting darker too. ‘I think something is following us!’ said Lucy. ‘Yes, you’re right! Oh no! Look at that!’ Emma said. She had just spotted two wolves creeping upon them. ‘WOLVES, RUN!’ they shouted and started running as fast their legs could carry them. They saw the division and took the second-from-the-left path. Soon, they reached Ziggy Cliff. ‘Hold hands and jump down!’ said Janet. ‘It’s much better than wolves!’ So the three of them jumped down. They closed their eyes, expecting to land on the road and break their bones. But they landed on a soft surface. Two helicopters had seen them and they had spread out an emergency sheet. ‘Hurray, we’re safe!’ they shouted. The helicopters took them to the Berry Woods entrance. They called up Emma’s father and he came after 10 minutes as he was working in his office near the woods. He picked them up and dropped them off at their houses.
The next day, they met at Janet’s house to write the report as they had to submit it to the Monday Special Magazine department. On Monday, when the magazine was distributed to everyone, all the people of the city thought that this was their best adventure till now and they couldn’t wait for next week’s report. Even I can’t wait for their next trip to Eddin Lake. Do you want to join in their fun too?