A Project on ‘Body Systems’ by Jai Lipane

Life at Victorious Kidss Educares has always been student-friendly and innovative at the same time. The students here learn to explore and enhance their skills and are on a constant run to display their various talents in all forms. So to begin the year with our own selves the students were led to the study of the unit “Body Systems.” The students indulged into an inquiry as to how the health of our body and mind affects our well-being. The students were inquisitive about how the human body works and how the different systems function and explored the same to suffice their hunger of learning and diving into the new branches of information.

The unit is therefore quite interesting for them and every day the students come up with their own piece of research and information to display their curiosity and their learning engagement and engrossment in the unit. Jai Lipane of PYP 5B was so amazed by the functioning of his own body that he spent his entire weekend to make a working model of the respiratory system. Through the model, Jai has displayed the process of how the nose inhales the air and then the air passes through the wind pipe and goes to the lungs, wherein the lungs expand and contract as you breathe in and breathe out.

The students as well as the teaching staff was extremely thrilled to see this model and Jai on the other hand was applauded for his rigorous hard work and the efforts that he puts in into his learning journey to make it eccentric and captivating for life. The President and The Vice President took great interests and individually were involved in their ‘learning engagement’ with Jai Lipane. The students of PYP 5 were therefore encouraged to splurge themselves to probe further in their own and individual study of creation.

We always strive to make our students better learners and the learning experiences must turn into valuable action for life. Therefore this proves to be a perfect example of an inquiry leading into an action.