Academic Project by PYP 5 Students

“Cleanliness is Godliness” is the governing principle of Victorious Kidss Educares. We as elders know about Waste Management, but have we ever made an effort to spread the awareness in people around us? Our champion students of PYP 5 took this challenge of making more and more people aware about Waste Management. They researched and found out that waste management can be effectively practiced only when waste segregation begins at source as wet and dry waste.

With this thought in mind, Bhargavi Mahi, Mahi Jamuar, Siya Agarwal, Shravya Sharma, Shauria Dhoble and Jayden Fernandis formed a group and started an awareness campaign in the nearby societies regarding the segregation of the Garbage. They communicated their word going door to door, explaining the process in detail, showing the advantages and disadvantages of waste segregation. Their idea was to give knowledge, make people aware and get motivated to participate and follow the campaign.

As a project, they strategically planned the campaign, in three steps:

Step 1: Elaborately explaining the process of Waste Segregation to the residents of the Society.

Step 2: Creating awareness about the advantages of it and following it as a duty of a responsible citizen.

Step 3: Follow-Up of the campaign, checking its implementation and reporting a “Feedback”.

Students successfully completed step 1 and 2, and analyzed the impact of their campaign by recording weekly feedback from all the residents. They observed the success rate to be 50%, way less than expected. They didn’t lose hope, and took a step further ahead. They approached the residents again to know the issues faced and addressed the problem statement. Following that, they visited the societies every weekend to check the progress and take a feedback.  Societies Visited- Tuscan Estate, Vishvanath Apartments and Gera Sky Villa.

At Victorious Kidss Educares, children don’t learn just by text books, they develop skills to get the work done, just like it was followed in our traditional system of Gurukul teachings. Memorizing text is the accumulation of data ~ collecting some information, and not learning, as per the latest study done by Bill & Melinda Gates, written by Marc Prensky and as spoken by Swami Vivekananda about 132 years ago. He had said, “That system of education, which aims at educating our children, in the same manner, as that of the man, who battered his donkey ~ being told that thereby, it would be turned into a horse, should be abolished ~ thrown away!” But, we as Indians are still continuing, the same system. Our aim of learning in the school is not earning money, but to build a great character. We are not experiencing knowledge, not truly learning through.

Feedback shared by residents

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