Student Achiever Akshita Agarwal from PYP 1

“Some people want it to happen
Some wish it would happen
Others make it happen”
– Michael Jordan

Akshita Agarwal is one such Victorious Kid, who has made it happen. For her, it is like a dream come true. With Divine blessings, Akshita wore the esteemed crown of 1st Runner up in “Little Miss India” contest held for the first time in Pune at Phoenix Market city on 28th April 2019. The event was organized at Toys “R”Us by Peppermint and aimed at providing an exciting and enjoyable platform for children between the age group of 4-7 years to showcase their talent and discover new possibilities.

Amongst hundreds of participants, 16 finalists were chosen to be a part of the glorious event christened as “Little Miss India (LMI)” where young girls showered their cuteness over the delightful audience. LMI is the first of its kind Fashion Contest for the aspiring young girls of India. The selection of winners was based on the parameters of confidence, style, right attitude and how well they presented themselves. For Victory needs working upon, Akshita was groomed to participate, encouraged to reach her personal potential. The competition was tough but Akshita’s confidence and smile made her one of the 16 finalists and then securing 2nd position in the title LMI.

Akshita practised dance and grooming sessions for a week with fellow mates and enjoyed every bit of it. We congratulate her mother and father, who have been the guiding stars for Akshita, and her teachers who have nurtured her thoughts and actions. At Victorious Kidss Educares, we encourage each and every student to explore their “Inner potential” rationally and always strive to reflect the best of current practices. S/he is guided to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing world. Our little star Akshita has discovered one out of infinite and yet hidden potential from within her own self?

           Discovering that potential from within is Schooling, is Parenting.     

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