Design Olympiad

Design Olympiad by DSK World Education Council aims at analyzing the #creative fluid of a child. Nurturing them, as it is strongly believed, such skills are absolutely imperative for success in the 21st century. Design thinking, is one such skill that enables one to create a new world, visualize unseen dreams, solve problems, and define new rules. Designers are not only artistic but also carry a strong cultural and social sense, which enables them to bring their ideas to the real world and make them successful.

We strongly believe that with ‘Design Thinking’, the hidden potential in our children needs to be tapped into at an early age, before they lose it due to stereotypes, conventional expectations and being pushed towards unsuitable career choices.

Art and Design students of Victorious Kidss Educares, MYP & DP had participated for the first round national level DSK Design Olympiad. The competition was conducted in the month of August in the VKE campus. Out of fourteen (14) student participants, five (5) have cleared the first round and have been selected for the second round.

The Top performers of this round

Middle School Student’s name:

1) Harsh Pankaj Gundecha

2) Iliyan Enayatali Hariyani (Director of Extra curricular Activities – Student Council)

3) Chanayka Rajendra Varude

4) Vedanjali Sitoleh

5) DP – Mariyah Altaf Rehmani (Vice President- Student Council)

The Olympiad has two more rounds to go. Round 2 and Finale which will be held at DSK International Campus, Pune on 17 December for Group 1 challengers (Std 8 to 10) and on 18 December for Group 2 challengers (Std 11 & 12) to compete in the next level which will be equally exciting and more challenging.