Riaan and Ashneer PYP 4

Digital Enthusiasts of VKE

Our two passionate champions from PYP 4 are making their mark in the Digital World. This is a perfect example of applying and bridging the learning in school to the real world of technology of advancement and world of ‘what is going to be there’ ~ in time line of ‘tomorrow’? Using appropriate educational apps with a qualified Digital mentor, guides, can prepare children, hone their inherent skills for life in today’s alphanumeric world. We congratulate their proud parents, for this achievement. Behind every successful child, there is always a mother and a father, as the sparking agent, as a motivator.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Riaan Gupta, who is awarded the title of Arena International Master by, FIDE, a world chess federation. Once awarded, FIDE titles are held for life. Acquiring an Arena title requires a continuous rating over the title’s rating threshold for a number of games. For the title of Arena International Master, Riaan had to play a certain number of games and score over 1700 Elo points. The number of games varies according to the time control. One has to play 50 games for rapid play, 100 games for Blitz and 150 games for Bullet time control. You may wish to check Riaan’s profile by clicking here.

Another feather in the cap, Ashneer Kaur prepared a Polygon Quiz. She made an online quiz, out of curiosity to understand the concept of the polygon in a more fun way. Using few codes and commands, she made it so interesting, where a squirrel is asking questions, horse is replying to it. You can also play it online, by clicking here.

Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), an IB World School is one of those future-ready schools which recognizes and uniquely integrates modern technology into the classroom pedagogy, with an advanced concept of International teaching and learning practices. It is the digitized school with the fastest Ethernet connection of 318 Mbps which is easily accessible across the campus. This level of accessibility serves the purpose of providing instant information to all the kids, irrespective of the growth in the school’s population. With this great power, comes the great responsibility of guiding the millennial in understanding the core basics behind the upcoming technological developments and the creative use of available tools.

Hence, every kid at VKE, right from EYP (12 to 15 months old ~ Early Years Program) to DP (Diploma Program) has complete access to a state of the art ‘Apple iMac Lab’ and an ‘iPad Lab’ and five (5) ‘Microsoft based Computer Labs’ sheltering around 270 systems equipped with multiple application-based programs which are being used today for design and development. Young kids right from PYP (3 to 12 years old) Primary Years Program) learn Graphics for Website and Video Game designing.

The ‘iPad Lab’ also consists of 25 iPads and several ‘Amazon Kindle’ Devices filled with digital libraries for study and research. And all the classrooms, instead of a blackboard limited by its space and utility, are facilitated with ‘Interactive 6’ X 4’ ft ~ White Digital-boards’ which takes the children to virtual world of interactive learning, familiarity with the digital learning, also are much more efficient and fun to learn from. As they learn all of the varied ways of using these systems, essentially, they become more and more enlightened of the existing responsibilities/attributes and challenges which arise with digital utilization. And the abundance of exposure to digitality, provided in the early learning stages, helps them gradually detach the desire to overuse, get intoxicated with screen time or compulsively exploit technology. Welcome to our conceptual world of differentiated teaching and learning pedagogy! What would you do, or you think of an action plan, which would create better and brighter kids, ready to face the world of tomorrow?

Our children are no longer the people,

as we were in the school?

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