DSK Design Olympiad

Swami Vivekananda had prophesied, “Owing to undue domination of the parents, our boys do not get free scope for growth. In every one there are infinite potentials, which require freedom for expression.” At Victorious Kidss Educares, our endeavor is to provide that freedom and there by allow our children to explosively express their mind and creativity.
The similar kind of thoughts flow out from the philosophy of the Western World – Albert Einstein ~ “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun”. We too encourage the enhancement.
On a similar footing, the DSK World Education Council is with an aim ‘To analyze the creative intelligence of a child and to nurture them’. As it is strongly believed, by almost all, that such skills are absolutely imperative for success in the 21st Century.
Our Star student, Iliyan twinkled with immense light and secured Third position in DSK Design Olympiad.
The DSK Design Olympiad was an amazing and enriching journey for Iliyan. The competition kicked off with the 1st Round held in our school. It was paper-based and had drawing as well as written tasks to test students’ imaginations and creativity.
According to the DSK Team, 3000 students (8th to 10th grades and 11th to 12th grades) participated in the first Round. Five Students from VKE: Chanakya, Vedanjali, Harsh, Mariyah and Iliyan got selected for the next round (Level-2). The 450 students who reached the next level did perform very well.
The second round held at the DSK International Campus, the organizing school of the Olympiad. Students were split into group of 7-8 and had to complete two tasks. The first was an individual one, where they were given random waste items and stationary, they were informed to make something which defines the students, naming the activity ‘Self- Portrait’. Here, they got an empty LED bulb box out of which Iliyan eventually made instruments like a piano, a guitar and a microphone, defining his love for music.
For the next task Iliyan was asked to build 4 characters around a table and make a story, where his group made 2 aliens explaining the importance of water to two siblings. After his amazing performance he got selected for the next final round of the Olympiad. He was among the 8 people selected from the 8th -10th grades. Unlike the first two rounds, here they designed and built a 3-D prototype according to the rubrics given by DSK. The prototype had to be a solution to what they think could be solution to a daily issue. After researching and taking help from parents and teachers, he came up with an automatic ‘Drawer Detection System’. This was a solution to a very common but unresolved issue of wastages of time in searching for important documents, books and other items in hospitals, libraries, etc. When we enter a file number on a P.C., bulb on the Drawer in which it is, it lights up along with a buzzer beeping. He made this product while using Arduino, a microprocessor and also made its code that worked very well. His unconditional hard work made him stand out and receive third place in this prestigious National Challenge competition. In this journey he extended and demonstrated mainly his research, self-Management and communication skills.
He did not just dream about his success; he worked for it.