Inter-School Contest  French Language

Yet another feather in our children and their great parent’s cap! We are extremely proud to inform the victory of our VKE kids and ofcourse their parents. Without the parental support, specially the mother to inspire, motivate and the father to stand behind them rock solid, these children would not be breaking barriers, as they are now? We offer our students, as a challenge to bring their secret power from within, a platform right from Jr.KG to learn languages like French German, Sanskrit, Japanese and Hindi. Towards the ‘Early Child Brain Development’ program, till the age of three years – Play Group I, II and Nursery, the school exposes them to Japanese, Hindi, Sanskrit and English language. In order to keep them motivated to learn these languages along with the best teaching aids, we encourage them to participate in different competitions too.

This academic year, VKE participated in an Inter-School contest organized by ‘Alliance Française de Pune’ as part of the ‘Dis-moi dix mots’ initiative organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on the occasion of the French Language and Francophonie Week.

This ‘Semaine de la Francophonie’, a celebration of the richness, diversity of the language and its capacity to incorporate words from many languages, was held from 18 to 26 March 2017.

The ten words that were selected for the year 2017 which highlight the French language adaptation to new technology are: CANULAR, NUAGE, TÉLÉSNOBER, HÉBERGER, PIRATE, AVATAR, FAVORI, EMOTICÔNE, NOMADE and FURETEUR.

 The schools, which participated in the contest, were Mercedes Benz International, Vidhya Valley School and Vikhe Patil School and others schools of repute. The event witnessed a total of 150 to 200 students (approximately) from these schools, among which Sixty-two (62) students were from VKE enthusiastically participated, in this Inter-School contest. They displayed their creativity, exhibiting their ideas on the given words.

We are truly excited to share that Mishtee Gathani from PYP 5 B of our school, was declared the winner of this competition. Rishabh Shah from PYP 4 D received a special ‘Coup de Coeur’ Prize for retaining the jury’s attention with his creation.  A special congratulation to the mothers and supporting fathers. The participation and the winning of our students, demonstrate their in school training, parental motivations, endless zeal to pursue their goal and interest to follow the language. Learning French, as a foreign language shall not only develop them as, international minded, but also help them in their future endeavors.