MYP Virtual Gallery of Visual Arts

“When we love what we do, when we love our work, then we not only never over work, we don’t work at all in our whole life. Because we had fallen in love with our work. A miser loves his money. A mother loves her child. Just as everyone has his own object of love, we should also love our work, as we love God. When God is pleased with our sincere prayers and love for work, He inspires our intellect and enables us to find out the right way to proceed, towards the goal which we have chosen for our work.”

With these inspiring words by our School President, Robbin Ghosh, we would like to introduce to you an initiative ‘MYP Virtual Gallery of Visual Arts’. This initiative was taken in the beginning of the Academic Year 2016-17, as a part of the curriculum plan for MYP 1. The idea behind its inception was created by Vishwajeet Sir, the Arts HOD and supported by the MYP Coordinator Jaya Ma’am and our Principal Saarada Ma’am. The main purpose behind this initiative was to bring Arts to Social Media.
This Virtual Gallery preserves each and every piece of creation (small or big) and builds a resource for others to be inspired from. It is also a great motivation for students to see their work being brought to masses digitally. It develops a sense of value among the students, for the creative work and artistic skills that they learn and exhibit. Here on the WordPress website, students have shared their work unit-wise with some artistic intention which has been monitored throughout by our Visual Art teacher, Rohini Shitole Ma’am and mentored the HOD Vishwajeet Sir.