Project On- Weather Forecasting

PYP 4 is doing a unit on ‘Understanding the changes in different components of Earth, which allows people to plan, prepare and deal with their impact’. To track and forecast these changes, the champs of PYP 4A made different weather instruments, as part of their learning action and experimented with them in class.

It was fun and interesting to see how these students were predicting, experimenting and concluding. They developed their scientific skills to understand the subject better. Adhiraj and Anish made a Rain Gauze, Nayza and Arwa made a Wind wane and Wind sock, while Dev made an Anemometer.

These budding scientists presented their models in front of the class with confidence and impressively expressed their understanding of the topic. Most importantly, they had fun while they learnt. We all need to remember that these children are not like us, as children, in the schools of our times. These kids are different and are becoming ready to face the world of 2028 and beyond.