Project On – ‘How The World Works?’

Victorious Kidss Educares is, ‘A school with a difference’. We give enormous opportunity for a differentiated ambience, for children to learn collaboratively and create whatever they learn, so as to make their learning permanent. We guide the children, with the knowingness that these children are not like us, as we were children in our school days. That they not only have an understanding and potential to use their brain creatively and collaboratively, but, they also use the extended brain called a computer, laptop, mobile, iPad etc.

Yuvaraj Choudhary from PYP 2E made an impressive 3D project on the ongoing unit ‘How the world works?’ He used his research skills and made the project about the ‘Rotation of the Earth’ and the ‘Day and Night Cycle’.

Bhoomika Singh, another bright spark from PYP 2E prepared a project on ‘How our choices affect the Nature and the World?’ She impeccably displayed her understanding of how the excessive use of plastic pollutes the surroundings and affects balance in nature, on a whole.

These students presented their model to the School President and aptly conveyed their knowledge about their chosen topic. It was a pleasure to see them communicate confidently, in what they believed in, with their heart and very effectively to make the teachers and the President feel, that if continued to be guided well, they could turn into great men and women of Science.