PYP 4 Student-Led Conference

Victorious Kidss Educares believes that there cannot be a better means of evaluating a child’s progress than a conference led by the students themselves, demonstrating their acquired knowledge throughout the year. This has culminated in the formation of SLC, an opportunity for parents to engage in their children’s work. The PYP 4 Student Led Conference (SLC) at VKE was held on 11th February 2017.

A great quote by Napoleon Hill, “Some people dream of success and others work hard and make it happen”, stands true for the PYP 4 SLC too. The students transformed into responsible learners taking action of their learning. Students were toiling day in and day out with innovative ideas and determination to do their best. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds, so were their innocent ways in trying to achieve their goals. The students planned meticulously and put to use all the IB Skills, keeping aside all their differences and egos.

It was indeed a grand success when the parents commented “We see a different face of our child and we are surprised to see them demonstrating the 5 essential elements. Now we know the potential of IB learning as it has transformed our child. We felt proud to see them perform independently, but what actually touched our heart was when we saw the whole process happening at home as well”. “The result of their sincere fun filled effort, commitment is a wonderfully thrilled focused child, who has discovered the secret power from within”