The Grand PYP 5 Exhibition

This year the Grand PYP 5 Exhibition was more fascinating than ever. The enthusiasm in students, teachers as well as parents was explicitly visible. The transdisciplinary theme explored by PYP 5 Exhibition was “How the World Works”. The PYP Exhibition is the culminating project of the IB Primary Years Program where our Grade 5 students share their understanding of the five Essential Elements which are knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action. Such demonstration of the IB learner profile attributes require students to engage in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.

In the beginning, PYP 5 students were given interesting projects which involved experimenting with real life objects, machines, gadgets and other man-made things around us and inquire into how they worked. They explored a variety of daily life objects like TV, elevator, air conditioning, mobile phones and computers. They were filled with intrigue and curiosity as to how these things worked through a combination of different kinds of simple machines. Many questions started popping up in their minds and this paved the way to make their own central idea and lines of inquiry which revolved around scientific laws and principles and their practical application in different fields of life. Next process was designing the inquiry cycle which would help shape up the learning process and steer them towards the goal.

They had mentors for each group and then began a journey of discovery and exploration that helped them delve deeper into their respective topics. Different hands-on activities, learning experiences, field trips, guest lectures and personal interactions, helped to widen their horizon of understanding, enrich their knowingness  and boosted them towards taking action in their own way. There were seven groups, which were exhibited and followed by a related performance.

Performance by Home Appliances Group

Scientists and inventors, in order to help the mankind, have gifted the world with new appliances with their innovative thought process and inventions. But the responsibility of its usage and its repercussions has to be solely shouldered by the future generation. This group understood and made samples of various home appliances exploring how they work and how these make our life easier. Talking of the home front, we had a few champions who shared the developments made in the field of home appliances through a shadow act.

Performance by Transport Group

Today technology has made our lives so much easier. In transport, while at one hand, we have gone far to the moon and back, and on the other hand, increasing number of vehicles is one of the leading causes of pollution on earth.

Performance by Health Group

We all need to remain conscious about responsible use of technology. Every kind of technology has a positive and negative side. In the field of Health, treatments have become faster and pain free with latest technology. A mime was presented by students depicting the same.

Performance by Sports Group

Technological innovation has not only changed the way we interact with Sports; it has practically changed sport itself. Sports group members discussed and presented ‘the application of scientific principles and laws’ in the sports field through some very knowledgeable talks. Students displayed gravity defying sportsmanship with their expert views. Surely, our future sportsmen have lot of scope for scaling new heights in different sports.

Performance by Education Group

Man’s eternal quest for knowledge has always guided the path towards exploring new learning. We could do it because we never stopped educating ourselves. How from the fall of an apple, we have travelled to the moon? It makes us all wonder how science and technology has influenced the field of education.

Performance by Digital Communication Group

Nowadays, the world has become a global village. Thanks to digitalization, we are so well connected to each other that even time and distance have lost their boundaries. In earlier days, we used to rely solely on handwritten letters that took forever to reach the receiver. At times the news would reach so late it would lose its relevance. Well, Science has completely changed the face of communication.

Performance by Entertainment Group

The journey of entertainment has definitely been a roller coaster ride. A group of students explored the scientific principles applied in a field which are very relevant for not only for the modern world but also for the future.

Performance by Architecture Group

Learning has no meaning unless it is implemented. This group of students explored how the architecture and designs are taking a paradigm shift with modern discoveries. Everyone in the audience were truly impressed, awed with the students’ fluency, of deliverance, absence of display through mugging up or reading out from a paper. The students portrayed the potential of scientific application and the role of technology in empowering the future. The entire group of these nine- or ten-years old girls and boys of PYP 5, impressed the audience with their talents and dedication. There was appreciation, cheer and applause.

After the performances, it was the time, when the students of PYP 5 were ready to spread their wings and take flight. Yes, it was, as they were graduating from PYP as inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers, to explore quite a different world of teaching and learning of Middle Year’s Program (MYP). The program concluded formally with the Graduation Ceremony, as our shining stars head towards MYP 1. Our President Robbin Ghosh Sir, connected the parents and the teachers, with the task, which we all have, towards the betterment of the human resources of the world.  He praised the efforts of young champions, their parents ~ particularly the mothers. He complimented the dedicated team teachers, their Coordinators and the Head of the PYP.

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