PYP Annual Day Function 2019

Like every successful year of Victorious Kidss Educares, our family celebrated its 22nd Annual function on the 12th and 14th of March 2019. But unlike any other year, the kids decided to explore their creative side by putting forth a real deal of entertainment. Being facilitated with the assistance of their beloved teachers and coordinators, they composed the most dynamic show worthy of proving that ‘VKE’s Got Talent’. That being the theme of the show, we had our own champions mimicking renowned artists Karan Johar, Malaika Arora Khan and Kiran Kher, to replicate the extremely entertaining and energetic ambience of the TV Show, India’s Got Talent. And importantly, these children were only 8 or 9 years of age. The show began with the magnificent melody of The Pirates of the Caribbean theme orchestrated by the Instrumental group of PYP (Primary Years Program) which left everyone tapping and humming to the legendary ‘He’s a Pirate’ theme song. Their energy set the bar for the evening demonstrating the exuberance which could be expected from the upcoming performances.

And after every performance, our three little judges Taran Johar, Mallika Arora and Shiren Kher added to the entertainment with their intensely involved, really smart, yet comical and witty commentaries and reactions. They displayed what and how they were different than their teachers, parents and certainly other children, their brothers and sisters, who did not have this ambience of ‘teaching and learning pedagogy of IB coupled with Vedanta.

As students, old or young, all of us, at the beginning of our learning journey, were a part of some school, with a classroom, a teacher, a sports team, a debate team, a lunchtime gang, a school bus gang and many other groups which helped us create friends and memories to be cherished for the rest of our lives. Everyone present in the audience was pushed down their personal memory lanes as the kids put up a simply hilarious narrative play portraying a day in ‘the life at VKE’. From the morning breakfast to their bus ride home, the usual situations or events in a student’s life such as the lunch breaks, the field trips, the PE classes or even the washroom breaks were so amusingly and entertainingly enacted that the audience did nothing but applaud as they laughed their guts out. One could see the efficacy of the children’s acting brought out the child in most parents, who were present.

The kids then performed a uniquely creative dance performance, could only be described as, ‘Perfect Grace & Yet Being Imperfect’. The glorious art of ballet was portrayed with innocent offbeat missteps creating some pretty funny but soothing performance adding an admiring smile to all witnessing faces. And to switch the mood and raise the ambient vigor to the highest, the ‘Warrior’s’ group put forth a rejuvenating, hysterical and roaring freestyle dance performance. Then came the ‘Disco Dance’ group who carried that level of enthusiasm further by dancing to a combination of Hip-Hop and House Music. The energy and synchrony displayed by all those groups were so amazing, it awed and left everyone mesmerized, clapping and tapping to the beats. It would be impossible for anyone to not find magic astonishing and intriguing as it creates a great sense of suspense and curiosity. Hence, the kids decided to recreate those sensations by performing mystical tricks which were a combination of ‘whimsical’ and ‘hilarious’. A card trick which disproved basic math, a glass trick disproving the laws of physics and many other acts were smartly executed by our little magicians proving their strong stage-hosting skills.

To break the typical stage performance traits, the gymnasts’ group presented a full-fledged ‘Malakhamb’ performance which is a form of traditional Indian gymnastics. With a tall pole in the center of the stage, they exhibited multiple combinations of pole grips and stances, all of them being daring enough to take one’s breath away. With all the dancers and magicians, the singers of PYP didn’t hold back either. The official choir of our young singers performed some mesmerizing melodies and songs. What would it be like for an extraterrestrial alien to join a school on earth? To answer this question in the most creative way possible, it was presented in the form of an emotional but well-directed stage play. The play followed a Martian boy who is forced to move to earth and join our VKE on earth. The kids skillfully portrayed their characters creating a burst of emotions in everyone through every act leading to a beautiful realization.

For the finale, they still had some unforeseen talents yet to be revealed. Hence, a unique dance performance titled ‘Feel the Music’ stunned the crowd as the kids moved to romantic rhythms with their eyes covered with a blindfold but their hearts feeling the music. It was followed by another unique display of art where different sculptures came to life and orchestrated a colorful display of our culture and relative dance forms. These performances from our PYP team filled the air with a gust of awe and received nothing less than impulsive thunderous applause with a standing ovation. The parents, filled with mixed emotions cheered all the kids cherishing every moment of witnessing their children performing on the big stage. The subtle aim behind setting a grand function as such is to make sure that not just a few, but all kids get an opportunity to explore and put forth their individual set of interests and skills as we say, time and time again that ‘Every Child Matters’ and every child needs such occasional opportunities throughout its educational journey to help them better understand their own talents. The function ended with a heartfelt vote of thanks to all of our teaching and technical teams who worked hard to actuate this phenomenal event.

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