“Success is the result of purity, patience and perseverance.” – Swami Vivekananda

This powerful quote rings true in the case of 14 year old Rohit Jibkate from MYP 4 B. For the last 6 years, our champion Rohit has worked hard with Helen O’Grady International to enhance his speech communication and social skills. His work with patience, perseverance ~ definitely paid off when he was awarded the Advance Diploma Certificate, on the 1st of March, 2018, from the internationally acclaimed academy.
We worship and recognize the power of the excellence of the great masters of the world. It is usually not recognized the intense work done by the mother and the father, both together in building the frames of mind of the children. We see and recognize the parents, all of whom have single mindedly sacrificed their own personal comforts and patiently worked to discover the true inner potential, from within their son Rohit at Victorious Kidss Educares. We are extremely proud of Rohit and wish him many more laurels, for years to come in his youthful vision, to go further and achieve all his dreams. Along with our love and prayers, for the whole family ~ father Snehal, mother Roopa and Rohit, is a reflection of his journey as written by his mother.

“Victorious Kidss Educares was our choice of school even before our child, Rohit, was born. Both I and my husband, Snehal, wanted him to have an education which would maintain our traditional value in a global culture. School took the initiative to bring in Helen O’Grady an international academy for speech and drama and Rohit was fortunate to get this opportunity.
He joined Helen O’Grady in PYP 4 at the tender age of 9 and there was no looking back. The desire for perfection, has brought out his creativity and this has taken priority amongst all the other classes, he was exposed to. The programs organized by Helen O’Grady, like exposure to theatre, has brought out his public speaking talent, his confidence has shot up and has given a new meaning to his life and has helped him, to divert his mind from the turmoil going on ~ at home. My husband’s work took him to Germany leaving us behind in Pune. It was our call to help Rohit with uninterrupted ‘teaching and learning of International Baccalaureate coupled with philosophy of Vedanta, made simple at Victorious Kidss Educares! It was not easy for Snehal, Rohit or me, to ‘keep on going on’, with single minded perseverance ~ towards Rohit’s success today.

Dr. Ghosh’s guidance which helped us to stay strong during that difficult phase. Each year, with Helen O’ Grady and the school’s environment, we saw him blossoming his inner power and connecting, growing within. His thoughts, his speech and action showed us a maturity to complete his 6 years of Advance Diploma in speech and drama.
His diploma ended with a short movie called ‘Circle of life’ made by students of Helen O’ Grady which is a cultivation to the arts.
Our gratitude flows out to the Divine Mother, the teachers, coordinators, the Principal Saarada ma’am of the school, for help and guidance. We sincerely appreciate the effort of Mr. Mansoor Virani and Ms. Sneha Dosani of Helen O’Grady for giving our son this beautiful experience.” – Roopa and Snehal Jibkate

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