Service Learning

Making a Difference

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”-Mother Teresa

Victorious Kidss Educaresis committed to develop life-long learners who strive to be caring members of the community and demonstrate a personal commitment to service. The students and teachers work to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

Education should aim at teaching a child something outside his own life. One of the many ways of achieving this is by community service. Volunteering and participating in community service is promoted all over the world. Every religion and every culture has endorsed the concept of community service among its members in one form or the other. At Victorious KidssEducares, students are encouraged to participate in community service during school hours. We believe that this is a great way to inculcate qualities like leadership, care, commitment and instill confidence in students. The teaching and learning principles and philosophy of Victorious KidssEducares extends beyond the development of academics, skills and abilities. Our philosophy of education is to develop a personal value system based on the teachings of Vedanta through which the students would guide their own lives to become caring, thoughtful and active members of society and the larger world.

The element service learning and community service is embedded in all the Academic Programmes of the school.

Action Service Programme in PYP

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy”

 -Rabindranath Tagore

In PYP, taking action is an integral conclusion to the learning that incorporates students making connections to what they have learned, applying a variety of real life skills, demonstrating an enduring understanding through concepts and reflecting on the attributes of the learner profile and attitudes. Action is best grounded in the students’ own concrete experiences and it can be a small thing that arises from a genuine concern and commitment. It is also noteworthy to understand that as action happens, it may not be witnessed by the teacher, frequently after a unit of inquiry has been completed and often takes place beyond the classroom.

At Victorious Kidss Educares, the communities strive to make the children responsible for their learning. Their motto is “Learning to Love to Learn”. The main goal is to provide the students with tools for life long learning.  They build in them values, which will make them responsible citizens of the world. They also believe that education of a student is a collaborative responsibility; of the student, the teacher and the parent. The school functions as a learning community where teachers act as facilitators and guides.

Following the same ideology, action & service in PYP is considered as an important core element of their curriculum from Early Years. We have introduced a programme called “Action & Service” wherein the students are encouraged to apply their knowledge in various ways, contributing to the community & doing their bit making this world a better place.

The students are guided in the classroom and parents are trained towards making each student’s A&S programme throughout the academic year.

MYP Service as Action

Service as Action is a vital component of our Middle Years Programme, encouraging students to take action and critically reflect on the impact of their actions. At Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), we offer a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary for active engagement in the 21st century. A key aspect of our program is the integration of field trip as part of the service learning curriculum, providing students with real-world experience that complement their academic pursuits. Through service learning and community service projects, our students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by others and develop empathy.

Visit to Santulan Bhavan | MYP 1 – 2022-2023

On April 10th, 2023, Victorious Kidss Educares organised an exceptional Service as Action field trip for their MYP 1 champions to Santulan Bhavan in Kharadi. The objective of this trip was to provide students with an immersive outdoor learning experience while actively engaging in acts of service. The event proved to be a transformative opportunity for the students, enabling them to interact with the staff and students of Santulan Bhavan, explore various subjects through hands-on activities, and develop essential social and emotional skills. In addition to subject-specific activities, our students actively participated in recreational activities, and performed a skit on ‘Importance of papers and saving trees.’ These activities fostered to reinforce the value of teamwork and environmental consciousness.

Santulan Bhavan Students At VKE | MYP 2 – 2022-2023

13th April, 2023, was a remarkable occasion graced by the presence of students from “Santulan Bhavan” to meet our MYP2 students. The day commenced with a heart-warming welcome extended by our students, who served breakfast to the students from Santulan Bhavan after prayer. Our champions meticulously organised a wide array of activities, including dance, music, sports, arts, and teaching.

Visit to Maher Ashram | MYP 3 2022-2023

Our MYP3 students embarked on a school-initiated service trip to Maher Ashram at Wagholi, Pune. Maher, an organisation founded by Sister Lucy Kurien in 1997, has been providing support and shelter to homeless, abandoned, old, mentally challenged, and orphaned women and girls. This visit allowed our students to witness the profound impact of Maher’s work and gain valuable insights into the lives of those in need. Maher is now recognized as an official UN registered NGO, further solidifying their commitment to humanitarian causes. To pay tribute to the extraordinary life of Ms. Lucy Kurien, our MYP3 students performed a skit that portrayed her journey and accomplishments. Our students had the opportunity to explore Maher’s textile production workshop, and understand the skills and efforts involved in running such an enterprise.

Our students gained new perspectives and awareness of their own strengths, fostering personal growth. Collaborating with the residents of Maher enabled them to work in teams, persevere in their actions, tackle challenges and develop skills. The exposure to Maher’s work also nurtured international-mindedness, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues.

Visit to Pune Blind School | MYP 4 2022-2023

“Exploring the World of the Visually Impaired: A Transformative Visit to the Poona School for the Blind”

On April 12th, 2023, students of MYP 4 went on a school-initiated service activity to gain insights into the lives of visually impaired students. The experience left them motivated and humbled, as they discovered the challenges and resilience of them. Our students took on the task of serving meals to the visually impaired students. The interaction continued with a series of engaging activities designed to foster connection and understanding. The students participated in a fun game of guessing musical tunes. This exercise helped them to understand how the visually impaired navigate and interpret sound. Our students took the opportunity to share motivational stories. Through their narratives, they aimed to inspire and uplift the spirits of the visually impaired students. The power of storytelling became evident as both groups connected on a deeper level, forging bonds of empathy and compassion.

In an effort to bridge the language barrier, our students engaged in conversations with their visually impaired counterparts in Marathi and Hindi. Through these interactions, they learned about the daily challenges faced by the visually impaired and gained valuable insights into their unique perspectives. This exchange of experiences further strengthened the bonds between the two groups.

Visit to Re-Charkha | MYP 5 2022-2023

“Transformative Service Trip: Empowering Communities and Combating Plastic Waste”

A remarkable trip took place at Re- charkha, where MYP 5 students engaged in experiential learning focused on upcycling plastic waste using traditional charkhas and handlooms. Re-charkha transforms plastic waste into durable bags and other innovative items, simultaneously reducing pollution and creating sustainable economic opportunities for the villagers.

The students participated in various brainstorming sessions to understand the process of upcycling used plastic poly bags and wrappers through the use of traditional charkhas. This hands-on experience educated them about the significance of sustainable practices and also empowered them to protect the environment and contribute to the livelihoods of indigenous women. In addition, the students actively participated in cleanliness drive and engaged in teaching sessions using educational aids. Our students took a pledge to make the Earth plastic free. The service trip to Re-charkha and the Mauli Anath Ashram exemplified the power of collective action in creating social and environmental impact.


Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the core in IB Diploma Programme model. CAS is designed to extend students’ personal and interpersonal learning from the PYP and MYP. CAS is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service.

CAS at Victorious Kidss Educares emphasise the school’s Philosophy where the students are encouraged to be compassionate global citizens. We believe participation in CAS has a lifelong impact on the student’s personality and holistic development. This core element helps the students as well as their local and global community.

At VKE, we provide our students the flexibility to plan their own CAS projects and experiences. CAS encourages student’s involvement in local, national and global activities, enabling them to enhance their personal, interpersonal, social skills. It can be both challenging and a personal journey of self-discovery. CAS activities are real and purposeful with significant outcomes. The CAS stages (investigation, preparation, action, reflection and demonstration) provide a basic framework for CAS experiences and the CAS project.

Ecological investigation at Chorao IslandIBDP CAS Trip 2023

The objective of this experience was to participate in a guided ecological trip to Chorao Island. The main focus was on studying the island’s biodiversity and ecological systems. The investigation consisted of several activities, including setting up trap cameras, studying invertebrates, exploring fishing practices, and learning about the significance of mangroves. The boat trip through the mangroves vividly demonstrated the significance of these unique ecosystems, showcasing their role in providing habitat and protecting coastlines. This experience on study of invertebrates allowed students to examine their habitats and gain a deeper understanding of their ecological roles within the ecosystem. The ultimate goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the island’s distinct ecosystem and importance of its preservation.

Building a Bat House: Students were engaged in bat house building activity as a service towards wildlife. Advancement in technological development is a boon to modern society but at the same time has its effect on the natural environment. The lack of natural habitats has led to a threat to the lives of the bat. Building a bat house is a great way to get involved in bat conservation. The students collaborated in groups to plan, draw a blueprint, build the bat house and install it. They presented their journey and process of building the bat house with a message: “Save bats: Nature’s own pest control” 

Heritage walk in Goa – The goal of this investigation was to take part in a guided tour of Fontainhas in Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the aim of exploring its ancient history and culture. The guided trip offered a well-organized approach to uncovering the hidden gems of Fontainhas, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of its historical landmarks and impressive architecture. During the guided heritage walk, students had the privilege of visiting several of Fontainhas’ iconic landmarks, including the Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Portuguese-style houses adorned with vibrant facades. The guide showcased the architectural details, meticulously pointing out the intricate designs and explanation of their historical significance. It was a fruitful CAS trip under the guidance of knowledgeable experts. 

Exploring a Model Global Village – Auroville: IBDP CAS Trip 2022

The CAS field trip was organised from 17-22nd December 2022 from Pune to Auroville, Puducherry. Puducherry, a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, is now a Union Territory. The trip is a reflection of experiential learning as it allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world settings and reflect on their experiences in order to better understand themselves and the world around them.

The three CAS components of Creativity, Activity and Service were explored on different days during the trip. The students visited the Matrimandir, ‘soul of the city’, which is situated in a large open area called ‘Peace’, from where the future township will radiate outwards. The students’ journey of exploration started with the understanding of cob balls (the mud balls), and pasting them to an amphitheatre wall, which will be a reminiscence of their hard work. Students had a Q&A session with the field experts over various local and global contexts. The days were strewn with the experiences of an early morning meditation followed by different activities. The students had hands-on experience of all the processes starting with the weeding process and then handling the plant saplings by tying a rope to support the climbers during their visit to the Budha Organic Garden. The days were magical and musical as they got to experience the music from the bamboo instruments and various other types of instruments created by Swaram, during a demonstration and while visiting the sound garden at Swaram. Later, the students had an opportunity to choose bamboo pieces to make their own bamboo instruments to showcase their hard work and creativity. Another sunrise shined with the transcendent feeling for the students to meditate on the divine sound of the wind chimes at 6 AM in the open garden of the Sun farm. It was helpful to start the day on a positive and mindful note, feeling more centred, relaxed and focused for the day.

The students had a fun time at the beach while engaging with some sports, games and socialising. All were headed to the scuba diving Padi centre for a training session for the Activity strand of the CAS trip-Scuba Diving. All training was given by expert and experienced divers. The stroll with a local Puducherry guide and his two interns to answer every inquisitive question that the students have in mind, had been an amazing experience and got to know the fascinating story of Puducherry. The tour included most of the sightseeing places replete with monuments like French consulate and institute, divine temple of lord Ganesha, beach stretches, war memorial, stories of great personalities – Asharam, Shri Aurobindo and legends from a bygone era of Puducherry. It was an enjoyable experience amidst the laid-back rustic countryside of Puducherry.

CAS emphasises reflection which is central to building a deep and rich experience. Each day culminated with a reflection on their experience as CAS proposals and their final presentations in CAS context. Reflection informs students’ learning and growth by allowing students to explore ideas, skills, strengths, limitations and areas for further development and consider how they may use prior learning in a new context. The journey from the beginning was summarised with final presentations in the evening on the last day. Through CAS, the students continue to strengthen the approaches to learning they encounter and are encouraged to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution and creative and critical thinking, as well as developing their own identities. As a shining beacon of our values, CAS trip has enabled students to demonstrate attributes of the IB learner profile in real and practical ways, to grow as unique individuals and to recognize their role in relation to others.