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Brilliant MYP Evaluation (Nov 2019)

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Brilliant MYP Evaluation (15 Nov 2019)

We all stand proud today. The fruits of the hard work of the parents, teachers and students are reaped through the results. We are delighted to share that our school has once again achieved the perfect record in the MYP ‘Evaluation Report of the recent visit of IB ~ 15 NOV, 2019. MYP EvaluationVictorious Kidss Educares has, once again, not just been congratulated for our outstanding performance with brilliant ‘standards and excellent practices’, but IB has also requested us to officially share and continue to drive excellence to join the educator network, e.g. as site visitors, examiners, members of curriculum review committees and influence changes for the betterment of students Globally.

They have also requested us to apply to present our concepts at a ‘Global IB Conference’ and spread the excellent practices with the World. The report states that the school uses a range of strategies and tools to assess student learning. IB team evaluated VKE as a model school for others to emulate. It is a great honour indeed and we need to continue to march ahead with our children, towards higher and higher perfection.

This journey of IB school began with a student-centric approach that created a new spark in the entire process. Valuing the diversity of cultures and perspectives that exist in local, national and global communities, working hard at enriching the diverse approaches to teaching, broadening our explorations of learner-centered practices that benefit inquiry-based teaching and learning; designing our curriculum, getting various topics together and making teaching and learning transdisciplinary has been very interesting and rewarding. The goal has always been clear to us – our focus has been the process and the learning experience. Therefore, we are called today,Future Ready School” and best IB World School in Pune.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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