Children’s Day

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Children’s Day

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, or as fondly known, Chacha Nehru once said, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country,”. Today, as we celebrate the Children’s Day as also Pandit Nehru’s birthday, we reflect upon this simple yet powerful statement. The make or break of a nation indeed depends on the upbringing of its children. In fact, there is no better gauge of a society’s strength than the way it treats its children. Chacha Nehru had always placed a large emphasis on the education of the children of our country, and he played a pivotal role in the establishment of several top tier educational institutes in the country. Such was his love towards children.

Happy Children's Day 2021On this occasion of Children’s Day, let it be a reminder to all of us to place a special focus on the children of our country. It’s not us ~ as adults, but the children, they are the ones that are going to change the world. Children are perhaps~  the most beautiful gift from the universe ~ from Mother Nature! Let us love them, nurture them, guide them, and make them to be what they were born to be!

Every child’s learning journey is to discover the secret – the immense power within them. You may wonder – how? At such a young age, how can they accomplish such great things? Well, the barrier of age is in our mind. Most of us had grown up in the traditional education system. But today, the world has changed! The learning has changed! We are in the new dynamic era of ‘Teaching and Learning’!

When you look at the young minds of today, you cannot begin to fathom the things they do, the records they break. As educators, as teachers, we are stunned by their display of brilliance. The only role we can take is that of a gardener? Where we plant the seed ~ which is the child. And then we ensure, we provide the right ambience, the manure, the sunlight, the right quantity of m moisture and water, the right soil to grow roots on!

We have to teach ourselves as to how to be a guide? So as to guide  them ~ towards their own personal inquiries and channelize their learning. As for the rest, all we can do is to sit back and enjoy as they grow in to a tall tree and sing the songs of the bird, the wind, the clouds, ~ from the top of the tree? Let us be dazzled ~ and enjoy the journey?

Children’s day is also a reminder to never stop learning in life. Every moment of a human life is an opportunity to learn. Millions and billions of “Experience, Knowledge & Data” are available to us. We however, grasp on to so little. We are happy to play, only on the surface of the “Ocean of Life”! Let us change and be sworn to be different from today, with a different perspective! Let us strive to be forever ~ a curious child ~ learning new things, and chasing knowledge and perfection in every moment. Let us never let the innocence, simplicity, curiosity, and inquisitiveness, of that of a child, fade away within us.

A Very Happy 14th November 2021 ~ Children’s Day To The Inner Child Within Us ~ And On & On!

Children’s Day 2021 ~ November The 14 – My Appeal – As a Child to the World!

This world is waiting for “Me”!

I am the “Student” ~ “The Child”

If I just keep doing, what I have been doing, 

and as I had done before,

The results, would also be,

As it has always been before!


But I want to be different and better!

Better than my father and mother.

I want to show them – I can! –

What they could not even dream of?

 And I am not like the others, who are around me

Why?  Because I know I am different!

My body is different, I look different,

My name is different ~ I am of the new age!

Don’t you know?

I have the power – I am – I can!

All I need to know is “How ~ What”?


Would you tell me ~ show me ~  guide me now,

 I need your words ~ your magic ~ My loving Mother,

My Father, my beloved Teacher!


 I know ~ That I am like that ‘Match Stick’!

I have the power to create ~

That great roaring all purifying fire?

I am that fire and I can purify this world!

Make The Mother Earth

A better and an exciting  place,

Where all my unbelievable dreams

 My world would come ~

Easily and effortlessly true to live?

child climbing tree 

Where I could create the impossible

As simple as breathing and possible!

If only “My Teacher”,

Would you show me,

How to strike that match stick,

Create that fire within me,

That I am, how to strike

And bring out all that wealth I need?

All that I would want to help everyone?


How to bring that potent power of all possible,

All purifying fire!

Teach me my teacher, my Mother & Father,

How to discover the power from within ‘Me’?

Teach me ~ how to find the lost me?

“Who AM I”?

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