Why Early Childhood Development is Important?

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most
intriguing and stimulating in all creations.”

The potential for giftedness or a high level of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development begins very early in a child’s life. In ancient India and subsequently, in the modern Western World, the time to begin, exchanging, feeding data awareness has started from the moment, a ‘mother realizes ~ that she is going to be a ‘mother’. Recent research confirms that the first six (6) years are essential and extremely important for the development of the child’s brain (Glenn Doman ~ How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence).

World famous Buckminster Fuller states that, “All children are born genius and we spend the first 6 years of their life de-geniusing them.”  ~ Within which, the first two years are the most critical ~ (British Psychologist, Tony Buzan). Tony Buzan goes on to say that, “At the moment a child is born it’s already truly brilliant. It picks up languages, much better than a doctor of philosophy in any subject, in only two years. And it is a master at it by three or four”. 

Neuro Surgeon & Physician Glenn Doman says in his book, ‘’How to make your baby intelligent’ ~ “It is easy and joyful to teach your twelve (12) month old baby, ‘how to do maths, better than you can’, ‘it is easy and joyful to teach your baby to understand, and to read, a foreign language. Therefore, we have a message and for every keen parent. That the first few years of the young life of our kids, are getting neglected, because of ignorance in the conceptual understanding of the ability of babies, being able to do data transfers?

Our young parents are not being educated, about the immense potentials hidden within their babies, yet to be born? The first few years of life are particularly important because of mapping, the brain concept of the world around, kills, attitude to life and other vital development occurs in all domains. The neural growth for a baby starts  from mother’s womb, till six (6) years of age, at a rate of 3.6 billion brain cells (neurons) per day (3,60,000,000) ~ 360 million or 36 Crore).

Researchers have proven beyond doubt that a child develops around 50 percent of one’s ability to learn in the first four years of their lives and another 30 percent before their eighth birthday.t. Glenn Doman, founder of Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential (Brain, skills, body, mind & consciousness) & states, “Every child has at birth a greater potential of intelligence than Isaac Newton, Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci, ever used in their life.”

So, how do we develop this intelligence which is inherent in our children?

Youngsters are their own best educators, parents their best first teachers. Our homes, playgrounds, adventure areas and the whole wide world are our main educational resources. During the early years, it’s very important to provide an environment which is emotionally and socially conducive to the development of a child’s unique personality.
Families have long-term effects on their children in almost every way. And that is why it is said that behind every great personality, there is a ‘Mother’. These mothers create the attitude and expectations that allow high levels of development. Parents need to provide opportunities, recognition for their children to grow. The care and nurturing provided by both parents is essentially important in this aspect. Mothers generally take on the role of the primary care-giver. It is the Mother who gives the heart to take on any challenges, develop concentration and will power and an attitude to know, “I can handle it”. Just like the mother, the father can help meet their child’s needs for affection, approval, encouragement, dare, courage and inquiry.
Parents and caregivers should read, talk and sing to their children. These little interactions help to develop, most importantly a bond, stronger than any blood, language and learning skills even though the child is not able to understand the words just yet. The examples set by their parents and other family members have a strong influence on a child’s behaviour and development patterns. Parents need to remember, the best seller ‘The Read Aloud book’ ~ Jim Trelease,
“Children do not fall in love with books, because of vowels, consonants, or questions at the end of the chapter. The fall in love, because someone makes books and reading fun. Who is that someone?” The famous poem,

“You may have coffers of gold and caskets of jewel.
Richer than me, you can never be, because I have
a mother who reads to me.”

Unlocking this treasure from within ~ at ‘The School with A Difference’

At Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE) we nurture this inherent intelligence present in the child. The theory behind VKE’s Early Years Programme (Foundation Years) has been the rapid development of all the eleven centers of the intelligence ~ the language skills, visual skills, interpersonal & intrapersonal skills, kinesthetic skills, Spiritual skills, Mathematical skills etc. The development of the child’s inherent giftedness, has been somehow missed out from the time the foreign education system has invaded the countries, particularly, in this context, India.

We know that anyone can cut an apple and count how many seeds are there, but no one can count how many apples are there in one seed. We help develop the giftedness in a child, in a baby, by providing a rich ambience of learning through doing and interacting, building the faith in their own self and establishing ‘truth’ in everything. These practices are of life changing standards and practices. In addition, our schooling and activities help in building their ‘approach to learning skills’ and enhance the ‘learning styles’, learning aptitude’ of the baby effectively. Parents notice their babies displaying and being different from the other babies around through establishment of these dynamic neural connections.

This curriculum ~ of coupling Vedanta with the latest of Western Science of education of International Baccalaureate (IB), guide and assist children in reaching their full potential and preparing them for success in school and become distinguished citizen in their life. The journey has been so exciting experience for the kids, that they are full of joy and fun of learning, that even, at the end of the day, refuse to go back to their home. Victorious Kidss Educares explains the link between nurturing and brain development. Children are born learners and while each child comes to life with a certain genetic makeup, certain ‘learning styles,’ the experiences through doing and receiving data/ information each child has, would help the brain development and growth.

Swami Vivekananda says, “We cannot teach a plant how to grow. A child also teaches itself. All we have to do is to provide an environment to nourish and motivate them ~ God’s seed of ‘Human Consciousness’ is inside of them!
Anyone can count, how many seeds are there in an apple. But can we count how many apples are there in one seed?  That seed is our child.

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