Empowering Women at VKE

Victorious Kidss Educares Empowering Women

Professional Development of Employees

Since the inception of our school, Victorious Kidss Educares have always worked to uplift the learning standards of not just children and teachers, but also the support staff members. We stand proud today, to have support staff members, who have been with us, from the beginning of the school. The journey to keep them trained is always on.
Being gifted is primarily a product of the environment. And by the definition, given by neurosurgeon Dr Neil Harvey, the Institute for the achievement of Human Potential, the level of Intelligence could be enhanced for every human child?

skill development - women empowerment

Just as we frequently train teachers professionally, the working staff too need to stay professionally updated and carry out personal hygiene and specialised qualified proficiency development. The maids, the drivers and the supporting staff members are trained since last 24 years to create a strong and peaceful environment in the school. Not just teachers, but support staff also can and should, as per the philosophy of VKE, model positive behaviour.

In the Future, there will be no female leaders, there will be ‘just leaders’.

At Victorious Kidss Educares, we believe that in order to imbibe values in the children, each and every member of the school staff ~ not just the teachers; every employee should practise and promote the philosophy of the school, the values and the principles. They are also taught on spoken English. In addition to our in-house school workshops for the staff, a workshop was coordinated and held last year, in 2018, at Symbiosis Vishwa bhavan where the support staff of our school was sent to be trained on personal as well as student’s hygiene.

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