Happy Dussehra

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Happy Dussehra

The greatest Indian epic ~ the Mahabharata. Why was it that Krishna helped Arjuna? Why didn’t he talk to Duryodhana? He could have certainly avoided the violence by helping Duryodhana reform. So why didn’t Krishna teach Duryodhana? Well, Krishna did talk! Before Krishna approached Arjuna, he went to talk to Duryodhana and told him that what he was doing is Adharma and he should follow the path of Dharma. You would be interested to know of Duryodhana’s response. He said, “I know what is right, I know that what I am doing is wrong. I just feel like doing it. I know I am like that, but I can’t stop myself from doing it. I act as I am directed to by some mysterious power that is seated in my heart”. Isn’t this a fact, the case with most of us today.

happy dussehra

On the other hand, when Krishna approached Arjuna saying the same thing, Arjuna replied by asking Krishna to teach him to do the right thing. He asked Krishna, “Why is a person compelled to commit sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if by force? I want to change. Please tell me, what is that I need to do so that I am not driven by the negative forces of my ignorant mind?”.

This is the difference between an aspiring spiritual devotee (Arjuna) and on the other hand, an ignorant mind driven by ego and animalistic tendencies (Duryodhana).  This is the difference between the Good and the Evil. This is the difference between a saint and a sinner. Good and evil lies within all of us. It is a constant battle between good and evil within us. But the answer to which will triumph over the other, is up to us. A saint is not someone who does not have negative thoughts. A saint is someone who does not give in to these negative thoughts. All of us have that power to choose, the power to make a decision. When any thought comes up to our mind, we have the power to accept it or reject it.

There is a famous statement written down in the Upanishads,  “If you take care of your thoughts, the words from within would be directed by the thought and in turn your actions shall be controlled. Actions are controlled by words and the words are controlled by the thoughts!” Meditation and pranayama are the two steps to control your thoughts. Which in turn control your destiny, by controlling your words and actions.

With the dawn of Dussehra upon us, let Lord Ram’s victory over evil be a guiding light for us to choose the right path in life. Let this Dussehra bring you immense strength and resilience to always fight for the right thing in life. We wish you peace, happiness, prosperity, goodness, and joy on this auspicious occasion.

 Happy Dussehra!

Note: Those who are in search for knowledge, those who are in search of removing ignorance or lesser knowledge, may wish to continue to read on. (Some Truths About Goddess Durga)

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