Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day

When our father from heaven or from this earth, holds our hand, then we are protected and safeguarded, beyond all sufferings and doubts. In most of the religious books, it is said that this father on earth is the extension of the ‘Father in Heaven’.
Even if we slip and fall, our father balances, supports us and yanks us back to life, to our feet without letting us get hurt ~ without letting us suffer and fall. We all remember, how our father took care of us, don’t we?

On the other, if we are holding our father’s hand and then if we slip and fall, most likely our grip on father’s finger, would also loosen and we would certainly slip and fall. Friends, children, remember our ‘father’ all the time. You remember ~ keep him in your heart every moment. Like you never forget your toothache, if you have one.  Make a strong bonding with our father (on earth and in heaven), with love,  respect and faith (shraddha). This love and respect given to our father, the love flowing out from our father, floods us, protects us forever and always. 

The blessings of our father give us the knowledge of abundance of whatever we need, whatever we have in our heart and we receive everything. He removes all suffering and blesses us with bliss. Father is our backbone. Through example, he gives us courage and makes us a Risk-taker. His faith in us makes us demand more from our self and takes out the hidden treasure from within us. Father does not act like an anchor to hold us back, nor is he a sail of a boat, to take us forward in the ocean of life. His loving, protective, wisdom, presence and guidance works like a powerful, beacon removing all darkness of uncertainty ahead of our life.

Please accept our love, reverence and pranaams to all fathers!

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