How should we look at our Guru? Can Gurus be beyond doubts?

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Let us start with a prayer:
Heavenly Father, Mother our Beloved Friend,
May Thy Love, shine forever
In the sanctuary of my devotion,
May I be able to awaken Thy Love
In the heart of all.
May I be able to establish Thy Infinite Peace?

In the heart of everyone.
May I be able to awaken Thy infinite power of healing and heal one and all around us?

Our devotees, or family members, our children
Those who are deluded to stay in the darkness.
And show them Thy Light

What is there to speak? This birth is only for us, to take up the journey with this human body, to purify ourselves, through observing absolute silence and meditation. We have to, in this journey, see, the Divinity within each one of us, the God’s seed our ‘Soul’, our ‘Atman’. If you put fifteen (15) buckets of water, outside in a garden, on a full moon night; the buckets, in which the water is not in ripples, not in disturbance and not polluted with mud, in each and every bucket you would find the full and complete reflection of the glory of Moon. Those buckets, which are filled with muds of discrimination, desire, greed, you would find only the subdued and dirty reflection.

If we are truly devoted to the path of finding God and the subtly hidden truth, how can we have doubts? Can God have defects? Similarly, as we go deeper and deeper in the Ocean of ‘Devotion and Love’, we would have more clarity, a realization, that God, Ganga, Gita, Gayatri, Gobar (Cow Dung – worshipped for antibacterial property, it’s strange property of purity) and Guru (notice these words all begin with the initial letter “G”); only take the junk from us, and show us the path to perfection. Even if we throw garbage, in the river Ganga, the purification power of Ganga is so strong, that the garbage gets purified. It does not mean we should throw garbage to our Mother Ganga? But do understand the analogy. If you travel along the river Ganges from Gangotri, her birthplace – a glacier, you would find that there are hundreds of dirty wastewater of human beings, as well as many Himalayan water falls are cascading down to the Mother Ganga. And you would notice and wonder at the marvel, that all these small or big water falls, drain water get purified and all of them become Ganga. Scientists, even at the most polluted places in the river Ganga, have carried out tests, and had found no bacteria. The power of rejuvenation of Ganga has been a scientific miracle. Normal science cannot understand. The Spiritual Science can. And that is why, US Government, in 1995 had sent a proposal to Indian Government, that they would like to buy Mother Ganga and make this power filled water, available to the rest of the world, who can not make it to India.

The power of Guru, is similarly, through sadhana (practice), is to purify every devotee. But Guru is like an ocean. Some go and sit by the seashore. Some chase the waves and just play, some pick up a few seashells. Some dive in to the sea breakers, and have an experience of adventure and thrill. Some go deep into the ocean, to search for petroleum products to make money. Some dive down deep, to find gems and pearls. And some just take an oceanic voyage through an ocean liner, to enjoy freedom and leisurely time? What are we searching for, similarly from Guru?

Guru, is not a person. He is not a finite person. The Infinite Being expresses itself through a person, specially chosen for. The word ‘Guru’ means “Gu” to “Ru” – takes you from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom to bliss; from death to immortality. But he only shows the direction – which way to travel? It is we, who have to do the work. And the work begins with faith and unconditional surrender. It is in India, where no Guru has been ever slaughtered, as it has happened in other countries?

Before you begin, you are supposed to test your “Guru”. Test him thousand times. And once you have chosen, you surrender. Even if he says something, which may be contrary to your beliefs, what our ignorant, or may be less travelled mind says, “It is wrong”, you still do it.There are many such examples in the scripture. There are no short cuts to God and Guru? We are not supposed to be just following the flow. But we must become a “Rock” in the flow. So that, other lost souls, could come and take shelter in you? When Jesus was taken on his, so-called last journey to get crucified, others who believed in Him, did follow the procession, but quietly hidden in the crowd. They were frightened that they might too be chastised?

It is very difficult to find a Guru. I had been searching for one, for over 42 years of my life. After I did find, I have tested my Guru. Must have been continuously, over a period of 15 months? And he had, with Divine Grace of Baba Ji, allowed me to see, experience and love those miracles, time and again. I do not need to prove this to any one. We need to, as the scripture says, continue, work in isolation, in silence with faith that I would find God in this life alone, through Kriya, meditation and service to mankind.

As per Vedanta, “Words are meant to create silence, bring peace in to our heart. The first creation of word was sound – as per Vedanta “Pranaba Dhwani, the “Eternal Anahat Sound (Anahat is sound without striking)”. God said, “Let there be light” – He said, so obviously, when He said, there was the existence of sound already, before came the manifestation of ‘Light’.

This ‘Sound’ is to be utilized scientifically through words. If words are used to criticize, to condemn, to look down, to evaluate, to disrespect, to hurt; then we are all inviting, as per “The Law of Karma” – as per “The Laws of Principles of Nature” – a boomerang effect comes on to us, to our own people and to our children, parent, near and dear ones lives. We need to be very careful, in misusing the power of ‘words’.

We do not know about it, we are not aware, we are quite ignorant and hence we continue use it negatively. The harmful thought processes and their effect and negative use of the creative power of this, otherwise peaceful Energy, would certainly come back and make our life, in future, measurable. We therefore, must be careful and speak only ‘words of love, peace, care, God and forgiveness.

This is why Jesus had said, “Love Thy Neighbour”?

If we are looking out at the world through a dirty window, whose glass panes are dirty and have not been cleaned, all we would perceive of the outside world, is a dirty world. It is we who are required to clean ourselves from inside. That is the purpose of “Sadhana”. Kriya Yoga taught by our Guru Ji, is to do that inward churning (Manthan) of the nerves (Nadi) Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Chitra, Vajra and Brahma Nadi. Like we churn out the butter from curd in a mixer, we bring out the truth from thousands of years of garbage, collected, from our past Karma, our tendencies, our wrong understandings and beliefs from within. Then our journey to our inner most being, the Soul begins, arises the question– “Who AM I?” The search reveals to us that we are not this body. That we are infinite.

We cannot continue to be a ‘Human Being’ and yet be infinite. This body can be cleaved with weapons, can cut to pieces, can be burned by fire, wet with water, dried by air, covered by earth; but the “Soul”, “The Atman” is immutable, unassailable, unchallengeable, undisputable and absolute (Verse 25, Chapter VII, God Talks With Arjuna – ‘ The Bhagavad Gita’ – by Paramahansa Yogananda).

We are too happy with our earthly material belongings, body, food, sensual pleasures; family, business, profession and all. Very few are truly devoted, asking the question silently practicing the Kriya Yoga and inch by inch proceeding towards the final destination, uniting it in this life alone.

We start with “I am some body”. Then, as we progress, we see that we are not real; this material world is not real. That God alone is real. With this realization, at this stage a devotee (Sadhaka) realizes, “I am Nobody”.

As he proceeds on and on, through seclusion and silence, observing strict self-discipline, he receives the final gift of realization and becomes one with God. He becomes Buddha. Buddha means, – ‘the one who knows’. Knows what? He knows and understands that, “I am Every body”. S/he becomes a better wife, better husband, a better mother, a better father, a better daughter, a better son, and a better professional. You see God in ‘everyone’.

If you are every body, how can you find fault with any one? Least of all, find fault with your Guru? Our journey is to reach that state. There is a saying amongst the Masters – from the ancient times, have been echoed thus by Jesus and Krishna, “Do not find fault in others.” Do not find fault with yourselves too. Be aware and take up the sincere action to eradicate all negativity, erase all garbage – our anger jealousy, greed, hatred, suspicion, doubts, stupidity, hoarding mentality, small mindedness – through sincere churning by the practice of “Kriya Yoga”. Other practices of all other faith and beliefs would also do, but they are a bit slower. That is the message of Krishna, to Arjuna and in turn to all of us, through “Bhagavad Gita”

In verse 24, Chapter VII, God Talks With Arjuna – ‘ The Bhagavad Gita’ – by Paramahansa Yogananda, we find that Krishna is telling Arjuna, that who we pray to and what we get are connected. We generally look at God as ‘a provider’. Because we see God as a provider of limited use; we also limit the infinite Divine Being, the power of God to us, therefore, also gets limited.

It is like going to a King and asking for two (2) pounds of Egg Plants? Or say, we limit the infinite potentials of a King by asking him for only a dozen of bananas? It is of’ course possible for a king to give the eggplants or the a dozen of bananas; and you would get them too. Therefore we see, that because our perception of God is limited; what we get from God is also limited?

It is not at all wrong to ask God for anything, however our perception of Him, limits our understanding of His infinite potential, so we end up asking for only small things. Similarly, it is so with Guru. It is our perception that limits as to how we see our Guru.

It is also related to what our priorities are? We have seen Swami Vivekananda, when he was in urgent need of money to support his mother; his Guru, to go to ‘Mother Kali’, guided him. He did go to ask Mother Kali – three times. But he could not ask for money, what he had gone to ask? He, instead prayed for, “Devotion, detachment, meditation (dhyana), Service – an attitude to serve the mankind?’ What is the answer, for us? Change our perception by ‘Practicing (Sadhana) of Kriya’.

Where does this wrong perception come from? We see our own selves, as coming into being, as perishable being, with ‘birth at one end and ‘death’ on the other. We find our world as real, where there are birthdays and funerals. But, that is because we limit ourselves, as human beings with cravings for money, material, food, wine, desires, ageing and make our world miserable with sufferings. In this perishable world of ours, we limit ourselves with our desires and perceive everything with “Colored self understanding.”

The God that we pray to and worship, is also colored by our own understanding of our own selves. Therefore how we see our God, our Guru is colored by how we see ourselves.

It seems like three entities –
1. I as a person,
2. The world in which we live,
3. And the God or Guru we worship.
They seem like three different entities, but they are interdependent, on “Our self understanding”. And therefore, Krishna is telling again and again, “Find out who you really are”? The entire second chapter of Gita is devoted to this message, who we really are?

Therefore, if I know, “Who I really am, the entire world around us and the people, including our God & Guru, will become clear to us, who they really are.

In verse 25, Chapter VII, God Talks With Arjuna ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ – by Paramahansa Yogananda, we find that Krishna is telling Arjuna, “I do not manifest to all, being veiled by the shroud of “Yoga Maya”. This ignorant world does not know me, the unborn, the unchallengeable, indisputable, immutable and the absolute.

Whenever Krishna is referring to “I or Me”, who is this I or me? Is this the historical figure of Krishna, born to Vasudeva and Devaki? If you see, whenever, we refer to I have done this, I have done that, we are referring to our body, mind and ego.

If Krishna is referring to the same body, mind and ego of Krishna, then what is the difference between Him and I? When Krishna makes a reference to I, He is referring to the real I, as his perception to “I”, is the real “I”, and not the body, mind and ego. After all Krishna was also a historical figure; but he is referring to the true identity of “The Spirit, The Atman”.

That is why we worship Krishna. And Krishna in verse 25 says that every one of us too has the same possibility. Every one has the same unborn, the unchallengeable, indisputable, immutable and the absolute Spirit, the Atman – which the previous verse 24 talked about.

The reason I am not being able to see Krishna or my Guru, as unchallengeable, immutable, indisputable, is because I am unable to see myself as so. The only difference is Krishna does know that and we do not. It is because; we accept, because of the “Yoga Maya”, this material world as real.

Our normal mind is incapable of thinking beyond this world of, “Time Space & Causality’. This misconception makes us think this money, the material world is real, this world, thus, colors our perception. We cannot think beyond, ‘time, beyond causation, beyond space’. This is “Yoga Maya”; we are unable to remove the veil.

A classic example is given in Vedanta of a “Coiled rope and a Snake’. In a not so well lit room or a road, the coiled rope appears to be the snake. It is not that the snake is also there, and we need to look elsewhere to find the rope. No, the entity is only one. It is our ignorance of the rope that the rope becomes the snake. Once I know (understand), the rope to be a rope, the snake would not appear any more, the snake vanishes and we laugh at our stupidity, at our ignorance. I cannot see the rope and the snake at the same time. It is my ignorance of the rope, makes me see the snake.

Exactly the same way, our ignorance of our immutable, unchallengeable ‘Spirit, the Atman, the Soul’, makes us see ourselves as limited to a perishable body. Makes us see our God & Guru and ourselves as the doer of the evil (The Snake). We say often, it is the punishment of God? God does not punish us. It is we, who punish ourselves, by our wrong deeds?

As long as I see myself as a human being, I would fail to recognize the Divinity all around. It is nice that we have come from animals, apes and have become human beings; but as long as I see myself as a human, I cannot become ‘Divine’; or see our Guru as divine either.

We cannot cling too tightly to our remaining as human being and want at the same time to become Divine. Sometime we have to rise above being a human being to become who we really are, or see who our God & Guru really are.

That is why is sincere practice of “Kriya Yoga” is required?

We need to, in the same way, understand our knowingness of our Guru. A true devotee, just as the Guru helps and guides a disciple to rise; the devotee, the disciple also has the same power to elevate his Guru, to a higher platform. When we make a mistake, condemn any one, instead of seeing God in everyone, we pull down, may be our child, wife or husband; the “Laws of Nature and Karma” comes in to play. The sad result is unending suffering for not just the doer, but also all around them.

Let us talk about the soul cause of this misunderstood world of materialism and money. Who are we? Billions of people before us have come and gone; have become dust under this Earth or have been burnt to ashes. Whose money is this? Who gave us the thought to give the money, whether to our wife/ husband, our sons/ daughters or to a Church/ Temple, or to our Guru. As per Gita, the thoughts are created by Brahma Nadi (a Nerve), which is connected to Brahman, the Unified field, our beloved God. Any good thoughts are the cause of a benevolent thought created by God.

When God created this world, he created the angels, who were to follow the Divine laws of God. One amongst these angels chose not to follow God and chose to defy God. God called him ‘Devil’, and left him to test the human beings, who He had created subsequently out of His will and five elements.

Whenever, we are driven by this material world, whenever we are ignorant of our true nature – the Devil swoops down and uses his ideas to create initially a victory, but eventually leading to sufferings, confusion, anarchy and delusion.

An aspiring Yogi, through sincere practices of Kriya Yoga, not only rises himself, he helps others to rise and he also helps his own Guru. He is a true Devotee, is a true Disciple.

The others, who are deluded, are not bad people. They do not know what they are doing. We need to pray for them.

May the Divine take us from Unreal to Real?
From Darkness to Light,
From Death to Immortality.


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