IB MYP Topper – Anoushka Shetty

The Topper scoring 55/56 in the MYP 5 (10th Grade) Result

“I began today absolutely terrified. Last evening, I had found out that the MYP-5 results are out. After frantic messaging and emailing, as well as lots of prayers, I came to school with my legs shaking and my heart racing. I knew I did well, but I was still unsure. Maybe my formula was wrong in the math paper, or maybe I didn’t spend enough time writing my English Analysis. These uncertainties ate me up for the rest of the day until I got my results. I was no longer sure of my work. The only thing that I was 100% conscious of, was my efforts. The exams and the E-Portfolios that I submitted was a culmination of my learning from the past 5 years. I spent countless hours learning & revising, diving into the deep content that the MYP offers. I knew that the number out of 56 does not define my character, but the time, dedication and constant effort is what makes me who I am.

As I look into it now, I now understand that I was conscious of my efforts. This consciousness allowed me to project what I thought of my hard work, in the form of a grade. I was conscious of the personal growth I underwent throughout MYP-5, and since that meant so much to me, I believed that I would score well. However, with the wait for my grades, my own self-doubt began expanding, and it shrouded my consciousness. I began today with hope, but as the time to receive results neared, I didn’t want to believe that I would score well. I didn’t want to let myself down or let everyone else down. I didn’t want to expect more than I would actually receive. Thus, I shrouded my consciousness and my instinct, with negative thoughts and emotions. I felt like dreaming big would lead to my downfall.As soon as I heard my results, I was ecstatic! These self-doubts began to fade away and I felt completely in control of my own train of thought. I was completely blown away by the results of my own work. This is when I realized how strong and important my own instinct and consciousness is. Through my own consciousness, I was able to assess my own work, which meant that I need to have more faith in myself and in my own consciousness.
Not only did the 55/56 represent the time, effort and dedication that I had spent, but it also had reflected the strength of my consciousness. Looking back at these past years, I am so happy with the results and ecstatic that my marks reflect the work that had I put in. Passing the definitive close of MYP-5 has led to a multitude of bittersweet feelings, but this is a wonderful end to amazing years!

I would like to thank the school for providing the resources and the support that I required in order to push myself and improve my skills. The teachers and faculty wanted nothing but the best, for all of us ~ the students. This environment was what allowed me to do as well as possible. The teachers believed in me, which allowed me to develop a strong work ethic, that I know will carry forward in the Diploma Program. Furthermore, I would like to thank my peers and teachers for pushing me to strive to do as well as possible.
This journey was amazing and while I am glad that it is over, I will always remember the fantastic times that I had in MYP. And as I begin my journey, I have set new targets for my journey through one of the most challenging and yet I know to be the most rewarding curriculum of Diploma Program (DP I & II).”

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