Is A Genius Born Or Gets Created? Discovering This Talent Is Parenting, Schooling!

By 10/02/2023VKE Philosophy

How Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School is Bringing Up Intelligent and Creative Children?

Discovering the secret power from within the child is schooling, is parenting. Education in VKE is a manifestation of that perfection from within. It is not just learning to earn money. It involves great sacrifices, some care to study, to learn, and to eradicate areas of ignorance! And then alone, we create Giants of personality and great strength of character! It becomes the most memorable experience, a pleasant journey through life. It is not difficult. The journey, however, needs care and seeking advice.

Every parent’s secret desire is to create a masterpiece, greater than their own “Self”. Every teacher has a similar aspiration to witness their students respected for the greatness, which they triggered in the child with their wisdom.

We have a message for all children in the world to share with their parents and teachers, what we have learned, so they may decide what, if anything, they would like to do about it. And if the future of every young child has to be decided by someone else, then that someone must be the parents and the teacher.

We have a mission, to handhold every child, who chooses to seek guidance; to lead their children across to a glorious brilliance, which you and I could not become, even in the wildest of our dreams.

We at Victorious Kidss Educares, made it our mission, to work on the lines of Swami Vivekananda’s message of Vedanta, to work on the flame, which he had left burning behind. We are an IB world school, coupled with the pedagogy of teaching and learning of international baccalaureate with Vedanta. We are all adjacent to the World Trade Centre at Kharadi, Pune. 

Since 2012, IB has declared through an official evaluation, our school to be a model, IB world school in Asia Pacific. 

Over the last 27 years, it has been an amazing journey for the parents as well as the students; to discover, uncover and experience the brilliance from within. This success of discovery of the brainpower, the genius, is not out there, but it is, within.

Reflecting on the lines of thoughts of the world’s top educators ~  such as Swami Vivekananda, and Howard Gardiner, (Professor of Education, Harvard University). Buckminster Fuller, Glenn Doman, Neil Harvey,

All children are born genius, and we spend the first six years of their lives, de-geniusing them.

In his book, “Kids Who Start Ahead, Stay Ahead”., Dr. Neil Harvey tells the world that, “Being gifted is primarily a product of the environment, and that by that definition, the level of intelligence can easily be reached by every child”.

In other words, to hold on to the giftedness of our children, we need to take care of their ambience, and their surroundings for early and subsequent learning ambience! 

There is a worldwide phenomenon of awareness in major universities to study and understand the application of the ancient heritage of Vedanta of India. This knowledge was wiped off from the curriculum of the Indian education system, from the period of the British Raj system.

In educating our children, we need to respect a process based on both the ancient rich wisdom of Vedanta and the latest research-based scientific findings.

Creating a teaching and learning environment that sparks a passion for education needs collaboration between parents, teachers, and school management. This love for learning is intensified, as we create ideals in the school and at home for children to role model.

If we want our children to become giants in their areas of interest and surpass even the wildest of dreams, then, as parents and teachers, we must set an example and become role models for them. As parents and teachers, we need to walk our philosophy, our talk, and hold on to the truth. 

Great children with strong character development from the inspiration and drive of their mother, father, or teacher. We may not have earned great academic achievements. Our own background of education, may have emerged from very simple schooling, and yet all we need is a vision for our children to surpass what we could ever achieve.

Just as, famously known as ‘Jija Mata’, the mother of Shivaji Maharaj, created a great warrior to be worshipped the world over. We as parents and teachers need to walk the talk. Live life of high moral and ethical standards. And even if these have already been established, to inspire and cultivate a love for truth in our children, we are required to set examples.

Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School, handholds every child and guides these students from subject selection to college transitions globally. Our aim is to mould them into responsible individuals who can not only take care of themselves and their families but also make a meaningful contribution to the world.

In conclusion, the Victorious Kidss Educares philosophy is shaping the future by inspiring the next generation of leaders through its unique approach to education. This is by combining ancient wisdom with modern research, we are dedicated to helping every child reach their full potential and become responsible, impactful individuals. Reach out to us to schedule a school tour and discover all that Victorious Kidss Educares has to offer. 

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you and your family into our community. While on the tour, younger children will be entertained with exciting activities, playtime, and books, ensuring a memorable and educational experience for everyone.

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