Please accept our prayers and greetings from Victorious Kidss Educares~ an IB World School. As an associated parent you are aware that our school believes in building an attitude of ‘Learning to Love to Learn’ where every child is exposed to learning with the latest of Western Methodology of ‘Inquiry based Teaching and Learning pedagogy’ of IB. This is coupled with the ancient rich heritage of Vedanta of India, along with spiritual wisdom of ‘Vivekananda’ and other Masters of The World’, coupled with the pedagogy of IB Learner profile and ‘Academic Honesty’.

We appreciate all the parents who had faith during this unprecedented time of COVID -19 that this school is trying it’s best to make the school ‘a not for profit school’. When you align with the values and beliefs of our school’s basic philosophy of making the elite, exclusive and yet an affordable ‘IB Teaching & Learning’, you would continue to have complete faith. VKE has evolving with the past, current and ongoing situation and is making sure that nothing would stop us from giving the best to our champions, which they deserve. Read the TOI Coverage.

In 2018-19, for the first time in the history as known to the school management brought down the tuition fees of the entire school by -7.77 % when the inflation rate was 6 % and above. This year, Victorious Kidss Educares helped many distressed parents with whatever help they required. In the next academic year, 2021-22, The Managementand Senior Members of Victorious Kidss Educares, have decided to once again, despite the fact there is inflation in the country, there will be no hike in the tuition fees right from diploma students 11th and 12th grade, through to the 10th grade, right up to the babies in Play Group 1. Read the full note.

The doctrines of Vedanta coupled with IB ~ as brought to the mass by Swami Vivekananda is the foundation and strong pillars of Victorious Kidss Educares which dictates ‘Each child is potentially divine. Education is to manifest that divinity from within every child and spread the message of awakening and expressing that divinity from within everyone’

Congratulation ‘Parent ~ Teachers and Children ~ let us show to
the ‘World’ ~ that our journey in discovering the secret power from
every child is happening ~ our children are great!

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