Our internal COVID-19 Fighting Team

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Our internal COVID-19 Fighting Team

Internal and external cleanliness are parts of ancient Indian Yoga teachings. Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity, truth and goodness. Cleanliness is a habit that keeps the body, mind, and environment neat, clean, and delightful and free from dirt and toxic things. At Victorious Kidss Educares, “Cleanliness is Godliness”, and it’s not just a belief, we walk what we talk, we teach and preach the practice of keeping oneself and surroundings clean to our students, teachers, employees and support staff members, in such a way that it becomes a way of life. Quite often, you would find, on a going day, some of our children, picking up some torn pieces of paper and placing those on a waste management bins. To take care of nature, the jungle, the mountains, the rivers, the ocean, wherever they are, whatever those are, to sustain the beauty and orderliness of Nature ~ we have to keep things orderly and place them appropriately?  We share with our kids, these teachings ~when they keep things clean, that this Nature would make sure that you shall have the world, wherever you go, clean. And not just that, you would get whatever you have in your mind?We know that hygiene and cleanliness are the key to deter the spread of COVID-19, therefore we have our internal sanitization, disinfectant and cleanliness ‘Fighting Team’, is, with a strength of only two or three, far away from each other, at different floors of the school, silently working, at school. Cleaning of visible surfaces followed by spraying of disinfectant is an excellent practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus and other viral respiratory illnesses in a school community setting, such as at Victorious Kidss Educares.  TOI Coverage

Following the guidance and recommendations by Maharashtra State Government, the school was immediately closed with effect from 12 March 2020. But the school management just did not stop there, by closing the school. Our internal COVID 19 fighting team of two or three members took responsibility for this essential duty of keeping the school building clean ~ by continuously disinfecting the entire school classrooms, toilets, campus, vehicles, instruments, infrastructures such as computers, books, bus etc. The sanitization is being done, using hand as well as machine. Using a machine, the chemical named Virosil (Eco friendly environment Disinfectant) is being sprayed in the corridors, washrooms, play areas and other common areas. The Dettol disinfectant is sprayed twice a week. Additionally, all the metallic handles, lift areas, etc. are cleaned with hand. The cleaning team, consisting of two staff members, is using Gloves and masks, while performing the cleaning process, which are then discarded. 

As you are aware, our school campus is spread across 2,04,000 Sq. Ft. built up area with classrooms on seven floors, play areas, laboratories, basketball and football courts, canteen, conference hall, Assembly area, Auditorium hall, Swimming pool and a lot more. An overall cleaning of the parking areas and school buses is also done. There are green areas like garden and other plantations, flower pots which require constant care and watering. Our team is constantly keeping them alive and flourishing, so that the school is ready and welcoming for the kids when COVID 19, threat leaves our city and the Nation in peace. Thank you, dear Parent Community, for believing in us, and supporting us in such times. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. 

Looking forward to an emergence of new and Victorious Kidss in a Victorious India as mentioned in the: 

Bhagavad Gita by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, ‘God talks with Arjuna’ – Chapter II, Volume I, Verse 31, Page 246 states, “India the conquered would conquer her conquerors in the 21st Century”. Who are these Indians, who would bring about these changes and make India once again, “Victorious”? “Our students are the people, who will bring that change”.

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