Proud to be Part of Victorious Family – A Reflection

By 09/12/2020VKE Philosophy

Proud to be Part of Victorious Family

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change”- Charles Darwin.

“The enormous scare and anxiety caused by COVID-19 in mind of parents & students was short lived as each person of Victorious family stood together in this period of adversity and turned the things around towards the good. The Victorious Kidss Educares was ready to deliver for the academic year 2020-21 with renewed, prodigious zeal and enthusiasm and that too almost a month before the usual start of the academic session. This huge challenge to start the academic session virtually as per the government orders shattered many, but the task became diminutive in front of victorious family. This was possible due to strong administrative back bone which supported towards the cause. You name a work and administrators were ready for excellent solution keeping in mind the government norms, whether it was backup of virtual sessions during the cyclone Nisarga, payment of fee & documentation, collection of books & stationery and celebration of 74thIndependence Day; each and every work was an example of perfectness & smooth conduct.

Those who still had doubts in their minds about the virtual academic sessions, it vanished soon once the actual virtual academic session started. The ability of Victorious to replicate the offline regular school completely into virtual session is commendable and unparalleled. The school’s approach towards the blend of synchronous & asynchronous learning sessions had avoided the overdoing of virtual interactions.

Talking about my daughter’s class PYP 5 C, we as parents are more than satisfied for the teacher’s approach towards the academics &nonacademic activities. The hard work which Supriya Ma’am & her team of teachers are doing simply cannot be described in words. The approach by which each child is guided & the concepts are made clear is creditable. Teachers are available to guide a student beyond the school timings. Things have been running smoothly in these last 06 months, which is quite evident by seeing the vehemence with which the students are ready to greet their teacher every morning.

As far as our daughter is concerned, we are more than happy with her virtual learning. It is no way less than the off line regular school. In fact, she has learned & developed new skills at a very fast pace over last six months. She has learned about PPT, Mind map, Word dox, Google dox, Google slides, Google drawing, Google research, Motion path & Animation to name a few. Her concepts in UOI, Maths, English, Hindi, Vedic Maths, Abacus etc. are so immaculate that it doesn’t appear that she has missed her off line regular school. Her participation towards ATL week, teacher’sday, International peace day or working towards the annual exhibition virtually is at par with the offline regular school. Finally, just to say that we are proud to be part of the Victorious Kidds Educares Family.”
~ Parents of Miss Pernika Bhatia (PYP 5 C)
(Dr. Pallavi Bhatia and Lt Col Kapil Bhatia)

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