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How would you like to see –highly capable children and yet tiny by age, doing unbelievable intellectual feats, right here in Pune – in your own house – is it too good to be true? Not at all – welcome to “The school with a Difference –Victorious Kidss Educares – where you get a guarantee that your child will excel and will be brilliant, irrespective of the background and earlier education. Rabindranath Tagore had said, “Every child comes with the message, that God is not yet tired of men”. Tagore meant that every child is created perfect – made in the images of God. Does this guidance, to make them blossom to their full potential, means pressurizing a child? Certainly not – Parents who truly love their children, give them the gift of love, skills and abilities, they grow up to be more caring, loving and risk takers than those who have not been given these opportunities.

Supposing 60 years ago, I had showed you a mobile and told you, “Come, please use this little thing and speak to your friend in America”, would you have believed me that you could talk to someone so far away? Similarly 150 years ago, if I had asked you, “Go inside this box with an elongated body, sit on a chair and clip on the seat belt”, and told you, “It is an aeroplane, it will fly you in the air”– would you have believed me – 150 years ago? With the first aircraft flying in 1902, possibly not – isn’t it?

Understanding of anything, a topic, a situation, finding answers to a problem – all depend on where you stand with your prior knowledge! I do not know if you can recollect – in the year 1652, Ferdinand Magellan discovered that this Earth is round, and the people led by so called preachers, religious leaders declared that he was a mad scientist and implied he was teaching people evil things. You would be sad to know, that he was stoned to death by the mob. Today if I tell you, the earth is flat you would laugh at my ignorance. Isn’t it?

India has always been famous for thousands of years producing very young and capable children whether it is Dhruv, Eklavya, Luv or Kush, Arjuna, Rama, Lakshmana, Krishna or even the modern days, Shakuntala Devi – who defeated all mathematicians at the age of 5, Vishwanathan Anand – Grandmaster at the age of 8, Sachin Tendulkar – member of India’s cricket team at the age of 14, AmartyaSen – are all the stories of such capabilities and unbelievable feats at such a young age.

School of tomorrow is here now – this school through which the staff of Victorious Kidss serve you. To serve your children, parents and grandparents – and this is Victorious Kidss Educares. The Newsweek on 6th Dec 2010 issue featured Victorious Kidss Educares as the best of Asia’s International Schools.

10th of April 2010 and & 19th of Oct 2009issues had featured Victorious Kidss Educares with its focus on the best of India’s International Schools.

VKE has the vision of restarting a University of the fame of Nalanda and bringing India in the forefront in the field of Research & Education. Presently you have an opportunity for students’ right up to 12th Grade (IBDP). Admission begins in the school from the moment mother conceives, after birth from six weeks of age. Huge potentials of babies are lost because the child’s brain neurons are left unused. If you do not use you lose – for human body, abs muscles or arms muscles, if you do not use, muscle atrophy sets in; similarly brain atrophy sets in if you do not use your brains effectively. This happens even for an educated well-meaning parent, because they tend to, instinctively; take care only of the body, food, clothes, toilet habits and keeping them safe from danger. It is quite a common sight for a tiny child of two and half, three or four years old, at VKE, to do great intellectual, emotional feats just as like our ancient Krishna and Rama and today’s modern day Shakuntala Devi.

Says Gelnn Doman in his Institute of Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia:

It is easy and joyful to teach a twelve-month-old to do math (better than parents can).

It is easy and joyful to teach a twelve-month-old to understand, and to read, a foreign language (or two or three languages, if you like).

It is easy and joyful to teach a twenty-eight month-old how to write (not write words-write stories and plays).

Similarly, it is quite a common sight at Victorious Kidss Educares to see a three, four, seven year old children talking about “How we organise ourselves”, “How the world works”, “How we express ourselves”. It is quite common to hear about world’s strangest facts being explained and narrated with joy and effortless ease. You would see a six or a seven year old doing mathematical calculation faster than you can do with a calculator, with the wisdom of ancient Vedic Maths coupled with Chinese Abacus. It is beautiful to see the same children doing plays, playing a Keyboard or a Sitar, quite impossible Gymnastic feats or explaining you the facts such as ‘Solar System has only eight planet and not nine and why’.

Research through Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences tells us that every human being has a learning style and every human being has strengths. It’s as individual as signature. Albert Einstein was a daydreamer. His teachers in Germany told him he would never amount to anything, that his questions destroyed class discipline that he would be better off out of school. Yet he went on to become one of the greatest scientists in world history.

Winston Churchill did poorly at schoolwork. He talked with a stutter and a lisp. Yet he became one of the greatest leaders and orators of the 20th century.

Thomas Alva Edison was beaten at school with a heavy leather strap because his teacher considered him “addled” for asking so many questions. He was chastised so much that his mother took him out of school after only three months’ formal education. He went on to become probably the most prolific inventor of all time.

Einstein, Churchill and Edison had learning styles that were not suited to their school styles. And that same mismatch continues today for millions of others. It is possibly the biggest single cause of school failure.

Every person reading this page has a different lifestyle and a different work style. Successful businesses depend on their ability to cater to those different lifestyles. And human-resource consultants spend their lives matching work style talents to jobs.

Yet many of our schools operate as if each person is identical. Even worse: most operate with an evaluation or testing system that rewards only a limited number of abilities. And those rewards early in life often separate the allegedly gifted and intelligent from those who are claimed to be less intelligent and underachievers.

Possibly the worst educational innovation of this century was the so-called Intelligence (IQ) Test

The deepest desire in a parent’s heart is to see one’s child achieve success in life, yet how many of us realize that the most direct way to success is through spirit? We teach our children how to survive, how to behave in order to earn our approval, how to defend themselves, how to protest against disappointments, obstacles and setbacks.

Many people assume without question that success is essentially material, that it can be measured in money, prestige, or an abundance of possessions. These can certainly play a role, but having such things is no guarantee of success. The success we want our children to achieve has to be defined in many non-material ways as well. It should include the ability to love, have compassion, the capacity to spread joy to others, the security of knowing that all children’s lives serve a purpose and finally feel the creative power of the universe with the essence of connection to discover the treasure within.

It all started as a dream! A dream of creating a place which would nurture the immense potential of children and help them unlock the treasure within. We planted a seed which has become a healthy plant and is on its way to becoming a giant tree. Under the shade of this tree, lives are changed and masterminds are created. This dream is now known as Victorious Kidss Educares – ‘The school with a difference’.

Students are so excited about the school that they can hardly wait to get there. Our parent’s reflection has always been our source of inspiration as they call, send notes, or come to the school to share the dramatic changes they are witnessing in their children: newly found enthusiasm and excitement for school, a desire to work on projects, research and write after school and on weekends. We are overwhelmed to observe our students making exponential growth in their basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, scientific explorations, math, multimedia skills and more!

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