St. Valentine’s Day at VKE – Ms. Swapna Ghosh Mazumdar

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Our Guest of Honour on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Ms. Swapna Ghosh Mazumdar, a dedicated teacher and an Examiner for All India Board Examinations; for over 42 years had graced the Valentine Day celebration. Ms. Swapna had noble thoughts about the school philosophy and the entire culture of ‘teaching and learning’? She, through a stunning poetic reflection, has expressed her regards and admiration towards the school and how it celebrates ‘love’.

St. Valentine’s Day at VKE

Folklore says St. Valentine really existed in ancient days.
No one knows whether there’s any further truth in what legends say.
Then why is this day celebrated in this school?
A school, which has its foundation in the Vedantic rules?
Because the values and love hidden within St. Valentine’s Day celebration belongs neither to the East nor to the West,
The value it portrays belongs to every religion and its quest,
It is called empathy, It’s called caring, It’s called Love.
The school, built with immense love and dedication,
Based on the principles of Vedanta and scientific inventions.
The whole structure has been interwoven with love.
Love for learning, love for knowledge, love for each little child herein,
Love for the teachers, love for the staff, love for our real self and the divinity within.
Love brings out the best, without inhibitions or fear
Love can scale walls of hatred and dislike, far and near.
It can ignite young minds for nation building
It empowers noble principles without yielding.
So on this day I thank all of you gathered here,
For spreading your warmth, your radiance and good cheer.
God bless all your endeavors, whether numerous or few.
Bless you every moment and reward each one of you.
Thank you again and love you all!

-Swapna Ghosh Mazumdar

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