The Principles for Brilliant Competitive Success, Higher Harmony, Wealth and Happiness

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It is often asked, “How do you couple Vedanta in school education?” I tell them it is primarily the question comes because we do not have adequate knowledge on, “What is Vedanta?” Because we do not know what is Vedanta, we wonder how to make it easy for children to understand. In my sessions with the children when I ask them, “Why do you come to school?” They say, “To learn”. I ask them,“Why do you want to learn?” They answer, “To have more skills, to have more abilities.” Questions therefore lead from one to the other. I ask them, “Why do you want more skills and abilities?” They reflect, “To learn more and have more skills and abilities.” So the answer leads to, “We want higher education like college and universities.” The question from me goes to them, “Why do you want to go to college and universities?” So they say, “To learn more and to get a degree, so that we can do specialised studies like Business, Computers, Engineering, Medicine etc.” So I ask them, “Why do you want to do that?” And they say, “To get a job Sir.”  My question to them then is,“Why do you want to get a job?” Their immediate answer is, “To earn money, of course Sir.” I ask them, “That means you join a school to earn money, is that it – Learning?” They nod their head up and down and smile. Here I affirm, “That is not true. Learning in the school, is not for earning money. Learning is to become a good human being, become a person of great character.”

In order to comfort their desire to earn more money, I ask them, “How much money?” And they say, “More than daddy and mummy.” I, therefore, lead them to an understanding that, “If you want to earn more money, I will give you a very simple way, where you will have to do three (3) simple things. And if you do these three (3) things you would earn abundance of money and you would not be attached, just as the mud and the water cannot soil a lotus in a pond.”

The ‘Power of Truth’ ultimately leads to prosperity and happiness. The power to change one’s present condition and live in infinite happiness, is the birthright of everyone. We have to certainly, make the effort for which we were born as ‘humans’, as God’s very own children. Live with truth and regain that knowledge of happiness, which is within us. Live your life through ‘Tapas’ – practices without a break and right living with moderation, exercise control, make sacrifices, live with moderation. These sacrifices make you feel stronger, more powerful, beyond imagination.

Victorious Kidss Educares highlights the power and significance of sticking to truth in shaping our lives and thoughts. We guide our kids to have faith in truth, faith in God and faith in our own self. We should take the oath not to tell a single lie, to stand and face the world and to be honest to our own selves.

If we want something, we should give it first to those who are in need. Divine blessings will shower upon those who show kindness, love and generosity.

Three golden rules for infinite success –

1) Don’t tell lies, have faith in the infinite power of truth. Truth shall always win.

2) Have faith In God

3) Have faith in your own self

Let the whole world be different. You lead and be an example, to the rest of the world.

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