VKE – A Model IB School ~ Parents Reflect

VKE – A Model IB School ~ Parents Reflect

After reading the TOI newspaper coverage on January 20, 2020, you would be wondering what is so special in Victorious Kidss Educares that makes it a model IB school. It can only be felt when you meet our budding talents, our champion children. But we are not saying anything; it is their parents talking about their children, their character. A few mothers expressing their thoughts, in their own words….

Bhavika and Samaira with their Teachers(Samaira and Bhavika with their Teachers)

Aaditi Shah and Bhavika ShahThere is something very important I need to share with you that there has been a consistent improvement on so many fronts in Bhavika after joining PYP 5 Aquamarine that is this academic year. First of all her self-management skills are improving day by day. She is becoming more responsible and independent. She is taking care of herself about her personal care as well as hygiene. There is a significant rather drastic change in her approach towards her homework as well as sports evening activities. Her food habits are also improving. She is striving for excellence in everything she is doing. She is setting goals for herself by her own and working towards it. She has developed a lot of patience in working hard and trying again and again till it becomes perfect for her. Whatever she is learning at school she is sharing it at home with a lot of enthusiasm and trying to implement it in day today life.

You can understand the joy of a mother on seeing so much progress with so much of happiness in her child. Thank you is just not enough. The way Bhavika loves her school and that is becoming the reason for the everyday smile on her face, we as a parent are also in love with the school. Please convey our gratitude to each and every person in the school who makes it such a beautiful place to blossom these young minds.  ~ Dr. Aaditi Shah (Mother of Bhavika PYP 5A)

Pummy Pashankar and Samaira PashankarI would like to share with you that I am so proud of Samaira taking her tasks independently at home. Whether it’s studies or being a helping hand at home, she taken tremendous efforts and does everything accurately. Most importantly she does her tasks by herself. She is very fond of cooking with her grand mom and keeps trying some innovative dish. Her ideas are really great. I believe this is all because VKE has nurtured children in such a way where they learn to become independent. I am so thankful to you teachers for helping in grooming my daughter in this way. ~ Pummy Pashankar (Mother of Samaira PYP 5A)

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