VKE contributes towards making India Plastic free Nation

“This is our small act of love for our planet”

PM Modi urged people to kick start a new revolution against plastic from October 2nd, which would be the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, and make India a plastic free nation. Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School installed on 27th September, 2019, the “Well of Hope”, which is the brainchild of the collaborative efforts of PYP 4 and PYP 5 students. Our compassionate and active students were deeply disturbed by the growing threats of plastic to the planet, and other living beings. While exploring the transdisciplinary theme, “Sharing the planet”, the students interacted with environmental activists, Mr. Vinod Bodhankar from Sagar Nitra Organisation.

Well of HopeWell of Hope 1

Fueled by a sense of responsibility, our students decided to grapple with the plastic problem and the result was the VKE’s Well of Hope. The installation aimed to gather as much as used plastic as possible from the environment and make sure that it is recycled safely instead of ending up in a landfill or threatening animals and birds.
This is what you can do to help.
1) Gather used plastic bottles, toiletries, packaging material, polythene, wrappers, bottle caps, utensils, toys etc., from home and neighborhood.
2) You can bring the collected plastic to school and drop it in the ‘Well of Hope’ installation kept in the main foyer.
3) Ensure that the plastics are CLEANED and WASHED thoroughly before submitting. This is extremely important as oily, dirty or spoiled plastics may degrade its recyclability.
Remember, small actions by lots of people lead to a BIG CHANGE. So do not hesitate to take that small step by doing your bit if you want to make a difference to the world around you. The higher the level of plastics in our Well of Hope, the cleaner the Planet around us.
We request you to join hands with us in our endeavors to make a positive change and create a better world.

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