Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 3)

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Why do we worship God as Mother? (Part 3)

So Now We All Stand Separated… (Continued from Part 1 & 2)

Now being separated gives us some form of individuality, some amount of freedom. I think we all probably have passed through that stage, when we are growing up in the family, then going to school, or when it’s time to go to college. We have seen it in our own lives and may be in the lives of our children or our friends, that many of these young teenagers, when they want to go to college, they don’t usually wish to go to the college ~ in their own city? They just want to go to some different place. Because once you are away from the family, it just gives you a little bit of freedom, a sense of individuality. Things like, “Yes, now I am someone. I don’t have to be always, be dependent or always be a part of something; even it might be a family. I can be on my own.”

So separateness gives us that sense of individuality, sense of personal freedom, but it also disconnects us, from the larger world. So even though you may be away from your family, you feel a sense of freedom, but you also feel the need to stay connected, in some ways, with the family. Especially, if you are a student, then you are not making money by yourself. So you are depended on your family, at least to send you a cheque once a month, to pay for your bills.

There is a sense of the joy of being separate and also the need to connect. So what do we do? When we feel our separateness from others, when we try to connect with others; usually through forging of our relationships. Now some of the relationships that we have in life are purely biological. But the connection with our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters; those are just, the biological ways of connections. It was Sir Walter, who had said, “God gave me my relatives and thank God, that I can at least chose my friends.” So many of our relatives, we did not have any choices, in most of them?

But then we forged new relationships. New relationships can be through marriages, through friendship, through politics, through trade and so whether, relationship that we have found ourselves in, in a natural course of events, or relationships, that we have voluntary chosen to forge.

Jesus had said, “If ye are in love with God, Ye then shall be my brothers and sisters.” In other words, he had condemned the relationships through blood, as not being true connections. Only love for God and a desire to get connected with God as God’s children, make the true relationship. Be that as it may, what we have now is a huge network of connections ~ relatives, friends, colleagues, associates, neighbours, fellow travelers and those who love God.

Now performing relationships in life is a form of, a kind of resurrection of that one reality. So we have already become separate beings. Through these relationships, we somehow try to come together again.

It’s our effort, of trying to go back to that oneness, through the act of connecting with another.

So, that is what spiritual seekers try to do too. Just as we feel disconnected from one another, a devotee or a spiritual seeker feels the sense of disconnection from God.

To be continued…(Part 4)

“To be or not to be, with my Mother?”


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