“Words are meant to create Silence”


‘Silence’ is where we come from and ‘Silence’ is where we go to.

Notice whenever, we are in peace or in a mood to pray, worship, even through rituals of singing and dancing forms of worship ~ through some other dogmas of worship or prayer, we eventually drift in to, slide in to silence. When we drift in to sleep, we go in to silent zone.

Please reflect on the power of this ‘Silence’.

When we are sick, notice ~ we become quiet and silent. When we have a fight, or have quarrelled, or were disturbed for some reason, we become silent. This ‘Silence’, hence is Nature’s gift to us. We need to experience the power and the beauty of this state of silence.

When we were born on this Earth, in this physical world, we came from the silence of our mother’s womb. The mother’s womb is Nature’s greatest of creation within silence ~ an expression of the creation of Divine Mother, of Nature.

Notice, as we were born, we took breath and then cried. Reflect, think ~ most of us for the rest of our lives are only crying and suffering away with lists of desires, ‘I want this and I want that’. When we die, we proceed to the zone of ‘Silence’. The parody of our life is, during the journey of our life, most of us are always crying, “I don’t have this, I don’t have that.”  Breaking of silence through crying, apparently becomes the routine and hence all the misery.

The ‘Supreme Consciousness ‘has created us ~ ‘the humans’ ~ as a wonderful package with all the power and the answers, for all the problems, that we ever face. The difficulty is that we do not know about them, or follow a path to realise and ascertain to find and remain ignorant. An understanding dawns upon us when the ‘realisation’ happens. We cannot (if one pays attention to know), “Express in words as to how does an Alphonso mango taste like?” One may answer, “It is sweet, sour, juicy, pulpy etc.” But so are peaches, plums, strawberries, blue berries, oranges etc.? So what do we do? As per Vedanta and the latest of IB teaching and learning, we let them eat the mango. Then only the child would understand.

To know ‘Silence’ we would be required to become silent. At least for some point of time? Our great Masters and ancient sages have stressed on the power of being silent, being meditative. You would then discover the secret within the silence and the Universe, the people, the things come under your control. This powerful Mother Nature empowers you. You in turn, use the power, not selfishly for own gains, but to heal the sufferer, to help the needy and the poor.

When you make a choice, you change the future.

Stillness and silence in mind and body enhances concentration and will power – then, you can think, act upon, achieve any goal and create miracles in every day’s life..

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