“Education, education, education ~
Educate and raise the masses, thus alone a Nation is possible”
-Swami Vivekananda

Creating Learning Experiences 1Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE), an IB World School, believes that ‘discovering the ‘Infinite Power’, hidden within every child, is schooling, is parenting’. In this journey, however, the child needs help from Parents, grandparents, teachers and fellow travellers destined to assist and travel with the child; till the mission of their life is fulfilled. That limitless potentials of human children are getting lost, for lack of data inputs, information, educational standards, practices and knowledge, of what to do, staying hidden from the parents. ‘Being gifted, ‘says Dr. Neil Harvey (Dean of Institute for Developing the Human Potential, PA, USA’), is primarily a product of the environment and by that current definition, the level of intelligence can easily be reached by nearly every child.” Creating an ambience, through freedom, through fearlessness, joy and inquiry ~ where ‘learning experiences’ are spontaneous ~ has remained the vision and aim of Victorious Kidss Educares, the model IB School in Asia since 2012. It is our continuous endeavor to create that process of infectious learning, where children are keen, happy learners and they also create people around them, including their parent, an ambience of “Learning to Love to Learn.”

Children love every awakened moment and make connections with the world around them. Their waking moments are filled with curiosity, wonder and uninhibited emotions. But when s/he goes to school, it should grow more, and not turn into something that makes them less expressive, less curious and more afraid to face people and the world. We tend to deal with the children with international standards of teaching and learning, where every child matters and their ideas are implemented, not suppressed. With that sense of wonder, if cultivated, they can express the ‘Human Excellence of higher talent in a Global World’.

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Victorious Kidss Educares ~ an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School with its international pedagogy, couple with ancient rich heritage of Vedanta, that helps to discover the ‘inner light’, from within every child. The concept has, over the years, developed an ever-expanding learning environment, that is different from other schools. At VKE, every child and teacher work together, aided by parents, to design a learning environment that kids would love to, look forward to go to, every morning. Ambience is designed with a much expansive perspective of, ‘realizing the human excellence from within’. ‘School’ caters to learning for insatiably curious and utterly inquisitive minds of children. Everything, from walls and ceilings to doors, corridors, the fans, the windows, the grounds and alleys, all of it spark a thought, encourage a conversation, inspire imagination, and ignite thinking. That’s when true learning happens. There are slogans from Swami Vivekananda and other great masters of ancient India, based on Vedanta, articulately placed all around for everyone in the school to read and be inspired.

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We do not decorate a place; we design a learning environment that children love to come to explore every time. This is guided by our certified school teachers, who too are in search of something new, something innovative to be presented to children every day, that could make a difference. For example, there are flags of various countries mounted on the walls, for children to know, learn and have a bigger perspective.
Each nook and corner narrate a story to ignite imagination, generate curiosity and encourage a thought. From the universe to the germination of a seedling, the building speaks of everything. The curious gaze of toddlers adds to the sheer pleasure of creating something valuable for a child’s world of innocence and wonder. Effective design of schools can create an environment that supports student learning. Schools with strong learning and performance cultures are ‘moving’ schools. They are characterized by respectful and collaborative relationships among individuals who love learning.

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“We take care of birds too”, there are trees and bird feeders in the school premise that attracts many dazzlingly beautiful birds and hearing the chirping sound is bliss. Fearless and free birds inspire our deepest imagination, make us wonder, how would flying be?  This is a small glimpse, to explore more, please visit our school, Victorious Kidss Educares. If there was a way to discover and establish with simplicity, “How to make my child learn to love to learn” ~ wouldn’t you like to know more about it?

A school with a Difference: A revolution in the learning world? No, it was always there. We only have come to be aware of it.

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