The Sugar Candies

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A Child and the Sugar Candies

Not so many days ago, in India there was the boy, lived with his mother in a village near the bank of the river Ganges. Since his early tenure, the boy had proved to portray his potential in learning the lessons that had taught by his mother of kindness, simplicity, and humbleness.On a Sunday morning, there was one sugar candy seller who came to the village to sell handmade sugar candies of fruits and animals in numerous sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to attract the kids in the village. He used to come to this village to sell his candies only on Sundays. All the kids in the village rushed to the sugar candy seller to pick their own choice of candies from the seller. They all liked the candy-man’s candy whenever he visited that village.

One day, when the boy and his mother went to the market to buy some foods and vegetables, he saw a group of boys and girls around the Candy-Man and they were buying all sorts of candies from the seller. Our dear boy too had a desire to have the head of a tiger candy. He asked his mother to take him to the candy-man and buy him the tiger candy. This mother took him to the candy seller and asked her child to select the candy of his own choice. The boy wanted to taste the head of a tiger candy that the candy seller did not have, instead, the candy man offered him to have the Elephant, Giraffe, Horse, etc. shaped candies but the boy refused to have any one of those, but the boy still insisted to buy only the tiger candy. The mother asked the candy seller to have a re-look on this basket if he could find him the tiger candy which her son was looking out for? Unfortunately, the candy man did not find the tiger candy in his big basket. He told the mother that all the candies were made up of sugar and so it all tastes the same; it only varies by the size, shape, design, and colors of the candies. The boy was not convinced by any of their words and still wanted to have only the tiger candy. When this was all happening there, an old gentleman heard all this conversation and he went to the candy-man. The old man said to the boy “My child, even though all the candies look different in shape, size, colors, and design but it is only made up of the same sugar which is the main substance that is present there in all the candies and all these candy dolls taste the same !” Despite everything that the old man and his mother said to convince the boy, the boy asked, “How those candies could be the same?”

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