Develop the seed of Humanity inside your children

By 12/12/2015July 31st, 2019Educating in a better way

“Once a young child was asked what is your name? He replied “till today morning I used to think that my name is “Don’t”. But now my mother is training me that my name is Ashim.”

When you make your eyes big and point finger at them, you are showing that you don’t believe in the divinity in them. As parents we are always wagging our finger at our children, with a critical eye and are saying do this and do not do that.

Develop the seed of Humanity inside your children

Have you ever heard anyone calling a tree, stupid or idiot? But we always call our children and students, with such name. Do you know why? It is because we want our children to become like someone – someone bigger, better or like us – we want them to become perfect.

We do not wish for a rose flower to become a lotus. And if we do, then soon enough all the rose plants would vanish from this Earth and they would all become lotus plants. And the second thing is, what would happen, because the genetics of the rose plant, do not have the genes of the lotus, despite all its efforts, the rose would be a poor image of the lotus.

Don’t try to make your children like someone. Let them be who they are supposed to be. Don’t underestimate the Supreme Power of the Divinity in them. The potential of becoming Einstein, Mohammad or Buddha is within them.

Imagine there is a beautiful rose in front if you. If instead of appreciating the fragrance of the rose, you look at it and compare it with the other rose next to it, you wish that rose should have been white in colour, instead of red, it should have more fragrance and you are finding faults”.

Let our children have Freedom to grow and develop that seed of perfection and humanity inside of them.

You cannot teach a plant, how to grow. Similarly you cannot teach children, how to grow either. A plant develops by its own nature, a child also develops by itself. Just as the plants need a little manure, sunshine and the right amount of water, a child also needs appreciation, encouragement and gentle guideness.

Children look at the World through the eyes of their Mother, their Father and their Teacher. Look at the children and imagine great potentials and possibilities, for the future, through them.

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