Education Is Not The Preparation For Life Education Is Life – John Dewey, USA

The deepest desire in a parent’s heart is to see that one’s child achieve success in Life. Yet how many of us realize that the way we are going about; is not helping? When you buy a mobile, a washing machine, a mobile you receive the operating instructions with your purchase. But when a child is born in the family, you receive no operating instructions. But who is guiding the parents? We have lost our ancient heritage of knowledge of Vedanta, Upanishad and Gita. The British, took away our ancient heritage of Gurukul shikshanin the 240 years of our slavery with the English. They removed the Yogashastra created by our Rishi Vasisth, Rishi Valmiki, Manu and started their own missionary convent school. They tried to change our religion and took the brilliance of our early child brain development program and education system. Our education used to begin, from the mother’s womb – Abhimanyu concept and after birth from the age of six (6) weeks old babies. Whereas the British brainwashed in their 240 years of domination and told our parents and grandparents, not to send our children till 4, 5 or 6 years of age. So you and I went to school only after the age of 4. And we lost an entire amount of potential during those early years. Post Independence, our country also decided to continue with the same missionary convent school and those who could not afford where guided to take up CBSE and SSC in India. We were the richest country in the world, when the British came and raided India. They did not want us to remain very intelligent, on the contrary they wanted us to serve them as clerks, as coolies and as servants.

Einstein, Churchill and Edison had learning styles that were not suited to their school style. The same mismatch continues today for Millions of others. It is possibly the biggest single cause of school failure. Every child who has ever heard the story of Aladdin, dreams of finding a magic lamp that when rubbed, would deliver a genie, who could grant every wish.

As adults, we think we understand that there are no such lamps, and no such genies. This leaves, all those wishes of ours bottled up inside us. But what if wishes were to come true?

What wishes would you make for yourself, or for your child? If you know, that there is a way for you to make all your wishes come true, would you allow your soul to complete them for you?

Would you then believe in the Aladdin’s wonder lamp, which is within you? Discovering this secret from within every child is ‘Schooling’ and is ‘Parenting’.

Unlock this secret power within! Education is the manifestation of that secret power, which is within every child.

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