Educating the Character ~ Part 2

At Victorious Kidss Educares, a learning environment is created for the child where; – the kids are encouraged to be ‘Inquirers’ ~ questioning society’s long-lived traditions and guidelines instead of obliviously joining the ‘Human Herd’. In Swami Vivekananda’s words, “If you do not allow one to become a lion, one will become a fox”?

– The process of the academics is aimed at making them Knowledgeable, develop an attitudse to learning (ATL) ~ a love for learning skill ~ about the real-life concepts and critically think of problems and analyze them instead of being a static receiver of undirected or directed bits of ‘data ~ information’.
– they confidently Communicate and accept information with an Open-minded attitude and make principled and unbiased decisions with integrity, fairness, and respect towards every human culture.
– unlike our traditional system, through the ‘Service Learning’ program, they are introduced to scenarios in response to which they naturally start Caring about the problems and conflicts of society and become Risk-takers who will strive to make a differences, no matter the adversities instead of mourning their inabilities.
– they are constantly engaged with numerous and multidimensional taxing activities and are evenly guided to be Psychologically and Emotionally Balanced in all the aspects of their lives.
– they recognize and accept the human interdependence required to complete any task with a Reflective mindset so as to comprehend our strengths and weakness which will add up to their contribution towards the betterment of the society.

– they learn to Meditate their attention and be more productive at every task they are handed with.
– Inculcate the ancient teachings of Yoga, not just as a hobby but as an important aspect of their daily lives.
– they can comprehend the true morals of leading a wise and productive life with the guidance provided by the volumes of textual knowledge left behind by the Great Masters who accumulated and propagated the ethics of Vedanta.

One of these Great Masters who was the Prime Contributor towards Character building Education, Swami Vivekananda has said, “No one was ever really taught by another. The external teacher offers only the suggestion which rouses the internal teacher to work to understand things. Then, things will be made clearer to us by our own power of perception and thought, and we shall realize them in our own souls. The whole of the big banyan tree which covers acres of ground was in the little seed which was perhaps no bigger than mustard seed. All the mass of energy was there confined. Each one of us has come out of one protoplasmic cell, and all the powers we possess were coiled up there. You cannot say they came from food, for if you heap up food piled mountains high, what power comes out of it? The energy was there, potentially no doubt, but still there. So is infinite power in the soul of man whether he knows it or not. Its manifestation is only a question of being conscious of it.”

Hence, following this philosophy as our implicit goal, we at VKE have dedicated ourselves to creating the most vital aspect of our learning environment where the children can consciously discover and utilize that secret power within their consciousness, their soul to build a character unbound to the baseless conventions and boundaries of the society, their consciousness unaffected by the menace of desires and pleasures. The priority and goals which are in the heart of our children, may sound funny but so very true. And interestingly, our research shows that these goal settings in the children’s heart, has happened, because of the screen times (Mobiles, iPads, TV etc.) and dream sharing from the parents, grand parents, teachers, elders, friends etc.). Our Core Teams, specially our President, keep addressing the children of our school. While addressing some of our lovable young kids, our School’s President Sir Robbin Ghosh asked the kids, “Why do you come to school?” to which all of them chorused, “To learn sir!” The President asked, “Very nice, but why do you want to learn?” the children answered, “So that we know more, have higher skills and abilities?”

Sir asked again, “Why do you want to know more?” Which was followed by another chorus from the kids, “To go to Colleges, Universities, Sir!”  Sir continued the conversation by asking,“Okay…but why do you want to go to Universities?” “So that we can get a degree, Sir!”
“And why do you want a degree” Sir Continued? ~ To which the answer was, To get a good job, Sir?”“Really?…and why do you want to get a good job?”“Come on Sir, to earn money of’ course, Sir!”
“Okay… that means, you have come to school to earn money, is it?” All the kids smiled with an affirmative nod. Sir smiled and asked, “How much money”? The children replied, “More than Mummy and Daddy”, said, “The children” “No, Champions, you don’t come to school, to earn more money. You come to school to build a good character. And when you have a good character, you would have so much money, you wouldn’t know, what to do?”
He continued with some rules. He said, “If you follow these rules and principles in your life, you would have so much money, you would not know, what to do with the money?” Every body raised their hand to that simple message.
Sir Continued, “There are three principles. If you wish to be successful, wish to have name, fame and yet make a lot of money, just follow, without a mistake”. The principles are
First ~ Don’t tell lies, hold on to truth
Second ~ Believe in God
Third ~ Always trust and believe in the supreme power which is within you around you, to help you achieve absolutely anything, including your dreams.

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