International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Here’s to all the Divine Women!

In India, from the Vedic times about more than 6000 years back, women were given the importance of being the Divine Mother. In ancient India, the Vedic message and the gist of Vedanta talks about ~ this Universe was created by Brahman which is neither male nor female. This Brahman is, as per Vedanta, called God or Ishwar. As per Vedanta, Brahman or God, call it by whatever name you wish, is neither male nor female. It is synonymous, just like you call water by any name, like neer, jal, panni, it’s water only. It is explained as per Vedanta – Mandukya Upanishad, commentary written by Shankar Acharya (approximately 1500 years ago) and with Vidya Ranya (about 700 years ago) – for the world.

Brahman is covered by something called Maya. Maya is like a veil covering Brahman and God, and is the creator of this Universe. Maya as per Vedanta is – ‘Shakti’ – the female energy. In almost every part of India, Indians worship Shakti as Mother Kali, Mother Durga, Mother Laxmi or Mother Saraswati etc. This mother destroys all evil and yet protects all and nourishes growth. This Shakti is not different or another entity, from Brahman. Brahman and Shakti are like Shakti and Shakti-man. Just like you cannot separate whiteness from the milk and call it milk, the burning power and light energy from fire and call it fire, likewise, you cannot separate Shakti from Shakti-man.

Internationally, however, Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. It was started off worldwide to place importance to the rights of women and place them with equality for social, economic, cultural, political and academic successes worldwide. It began through agitations by more than 15000 women; they went on a strike and marched through the streets of New York. They demanded better work ambience, shorter working hours, better pay, voting rights etc. Two years later, a German woman named Clara Zetkin suggested the declaration of Women’s Day to United Nation attended by more than 100 women and was accepted unanimously. More than 1 million women and men attended the demonstration to support the women’s right to work, study and hold public office in 1911. The United Nation officially recognized Women’s Day, for the first time, in 1975.

At Victorious Kidss Educares, we guide our children to worship this Brahman, within the physical body of the boy or the girl, within the physical body of the mother or father. As the Supreme energy of truthfulness, goodness, kindness, harmony and guide them to join together and become one force of good energy, destroy all the evil of the society and witness whatever is around. Discovering this energy, this light, this Shakti, and the infinite power from within the child, is Schooling, is Parenting!

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