Everyone is searching for love – but love is within

By 08/12/2012July 31st, 2019Educating in a better way


It is often in our life, irrespective of the age we feel that, “There is no one who loves me”. As you grow up, the desire to become one with another one, is very deep within.

We feel the lack of it, because we refuse to see love in this World. A girl from this corner of the room spots a boy in another corner of the same room and wants to get connected. Love alone is real. If you keep your eyes closed, you cannot see the brilliance of the daylight outside. It does not mean that light does not exist. When you isolate yourself to “I”, then you feel isolated, as if love doesn’t exist and you proceed towards ageing, atrophy and death. When you, on the other hand, extend yourself to help other people through selfless service, you travel from “I am someone” to “I am no one”, to “I am everyone”. Love suddenly blooms – Love sparkles in your own eye and face and you see Love in everyone. Importantly you Smile with Peace is in your Heart – God is Everywhere.

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