Two Golden Rules In Parenting

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Two Golden Rules In Parenting

First of these two rules is – 1) What ever you pay attention to will increase : If you pay attention to your child’s, watching TV excessively, if you pay attention to your son’s / daughter’s handwriting, as not being very good – your nagging or persisting, is going to make the problem more visible – the problem will become more prominent. This rule comes from the rules of Quantum Physics of Einstein and Heisinger – Quantum Physicist. The quantum Physics explains that everything in this Universe – is made up of Matter. When you define matter – as per definition – matter means anything that occupies space. Whether $1000 note, a BMW car, a girl’s body, a man’s body, food, everything that occupies space is made up of matter. When you dissect this matter, into smaller and smaller pieces – you get molecules or cells – atoms – protons or neutrons – sub atomic particles like boson, lepkrik, krion etc. These sub atomic particles – they have a beautiful property. When you pay attention to anything – a sub atomic particle. It becomes visible. So the sub atomic particle becomes visible meaning the problem or the likely gain, becomes more prominent. If I was wanting a million dollar and pay attention to, how am I going to utilise / spend the million dollar, from some where, connections will be made and the million dollar will be made viable and usable to us.

Most of us land up in worrying where will the money come from and become negative minded. Similarly the money does not come from negative attention meaning worries – meaning doubt, where will the money come from? We need to have complete faith in God, who is our heavenly father, mother and friend. And scientifically to the Laws of Quantum Physics.The second law is – 2) Whenever you treat your child, deal with her / him, as if you are dealing with the neighbour’s child. If you notice, when we deal with our own children, our voice despite all our love, changes automatically, to a farmer note, becomes reprimanding, becomes admonishing – finger is wagging or pointing – eyebrow raised. On the other hand when we deal with our neighbour’s children – we have a beautiful smile, we have a welcoming voice – we are formally with attention, particularly taking care of the child and are very polite and loving. Even if the neighbour’s child fights for my daughter / son’s favourite toy, we appeal to our children, please give it to him. Whereas when my daughter / son fights for the similar issue or a toy we pick her / him up and excuse ourselves to come back home.

Observe the two (2) golden rules and see how bountiful of peace, happiness, prosperity and Divine Blessings shall shower upon you.

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