Student Council (2018-19)

The aim of the Student Council is to work in cooperation with the Board of Management, staff and parents for the benefit of the whole school community. The Student Council seeks to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust with all in the school, and supports the staff, management and parents in their efforts to create and maintain an environment encouraging to educational and personal development. As part of that process, the Student Council seeks to provide a line of communication for the same.

The council provides students an opportunity to develop new ideas and learn about responsibilities and teamwork. They develop leadership skills and problem solving skills.

This students-based organization promotes the mission and vision of the school. Students participating in the council maintain a high standard of personal conduct. Students develop and broaden their understanding of democracy and leadership as they actively partake in various activities that foster the image of the school environment.

The purpose of student council is:

  1. To develop positive attitude
  2. To practice good citizenship
  3. To promote harmonious relations throughout the school community
  4. To promote moral values among the students
  5. To provide a forum for student’s expression
  6. To plan special events or projects for the students

With the ethos of “SERVICE  with Pride, Lead with Confidence and  Inspire  to Impact Lives” The glorious events of the day commenced by the declaration of the posts of the student council. Each post followed by the name of the elected member. Each elected member was awarded a badge to make his/her Student Council titles official. The members who are elected, along with their post are mentioned below:

  • President: Karan Shah, DP 1
  • Vice-President: Krutika Shitole, DP 1
  • Director of Sports: Tasneem Godhrawala, DP 1
  • Director of Student Welfare: Shaurya Manglik, MYP 4 Inquirer
  • Director of Event Management: Shruti Deshpande, MYP 4 Principled
  • Director of Academic Affairs: Tanishka Shah, MYP 4 Balanced
  • Director of Extracurricular Activities: Ananya Nipane  MYP 4 Principled

Further, the results of the elected Class Representatives were declared, ranging from MYP1 to DP 2, all sections. Each Class Representative was also awarded a badge to make their titles official. The event concluded with an inspiring speech from the President of Victorious Kidss Educares.

Class Representatives are :

Sr. No. Student Name Grade and Section
1.     Aarya Bora MYP1 Inquirer
2.     Karan Shah MYP1 Risk -Taker
3.     Avnish Sarvanan MYP1 Balanced
4.     Chaitanya Tewari MYP1Principled
5.     Arnish Raiji MYP2 Inquirer
6.     Chhanv Singh MYP2 Risk -Taker
7.     Anirudh Shenoy MYP2 Balanced
8.     Ira Prabhudesai MYP2 Principled
9.     Shantonu Patiil MYP 3 Inquirer
10.                  Smrithi Vaikuntam MYP 3 Risk -Taker
11.                  Sharon Surenthira MYP3 Balanced
12.                  Tanshiq Kedari MYP4 Inquirer
13.                  Rahin Somani MYP4 Risk -Taker
14.                  Vinamara Tapadiya MYP4 Balanced
15.                  Kaushik Patra MYP4 Principled
16.                  Atherva Bhosale MYP5 Aristotle
17.                  Suraj Poman MYP5 Plato
18.                  Anoushka Shetty MYP5 Socrates
19.                  Parth Gada DP1
20.                  Arhan Kamath DP2


This year’s Student Council consists of an ambitious and skilled Board who can efficiently fulfill the needs of the school and its members. Considering the visions of every director themselves, and the requirements of the school, the Student Council Board collectively agrees on the following aims:

  • Increasing and improving the extracurricular opportunities, sport events, and competitive exams for the Victorious students.
  • Ensuring that all equipment used for education and otherwise in the school works efficiently and facilitates teaching.
  • Providing various platforms for students and teachers, where they can share their opinion and ideas with the school effortlessly.
  • Generating a ‘VKE’ Spirit amongst everyone in the school, which is strongly linked with maintaining discipline and hosting interactive events.

With these aims which power our vision of a united VKE with excelling educational and errorless educational facilities and well-rounded students who actively participate in all events and sport activities, the Student Council hopes to see further empowerment in the already flourishing school of Victorious Kidss Educares. The school is like a temple where everyone goes to pray, and the Student Council is like the path which leads to the temple.

The VKE student council consists of students from the Middle Years Programme (MYP 4 and 5) and Diploma Programme (DP 1).