Virtual Learning at VKE (EYP)

How is EYP managing to keep the young minds full of life during this break? 

The COVID – 19 did cause a lot of fear and panic among many, but it did not stop our teachers and parents to collaboratively work towards the wellbeing of our students. It has been two weeks now that the Victorious Kidss Educares Early years Program (EYP) learning community got together and are working in collaboration more vigorously and fluently. For sure it was a challenge for the Early Years teachers, Coordinators and Head to ensure that we keep the young minds busy as they were in school. Play being the core factor for early years, the teachers planned out activities which were play based and made it easy for parents to keep the kids involved in a structured manner. We do understand this unprepared closer of schools has changed the daily routine for our small kids. But we as educators and you as parents, together we can take on the responsibility to help our kids continue their learning. Our tiny tots also got more time to spend with their family and engage in family fun activities. They are smart and are aware of what’s happening around the world. So please parents it’s important to talk to them and explain it. At the same time, we also need to role model and make sure we follow the norms like, washing hands with soap, keeping distance, not socializing etc.  Stick to a routine, always keep talking and keep the home atmosphere positive.

Today, continuous learning forms a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways of relating to people from different cultures. To live a life without continuous learning is unthinkable. To keep the essence of this learning in our students’ lives the team created a plethora of various learning experiences to enhance various skills like critical thinking skills, research skills, writing skills as well as reading skills.  The interesting and challenging tasks planned by the teachers helped the students to be actively engaged and use their time constructively. Not just Academics, but different departments like the Physical Education (P.E.), Special education Needs (SEN), Visual & Performing Arts, Music and Dance teachers have collaborated and made creative, engaging worksheets, supported with videos and gave strategies that could be done from home.

Our teachers had a range of tasks, simultaneously they are also reflecting on their own learning, teaching and professional development. All their reflections are being saved on the padlet app which is a wonderful way of sharing. They were also given time for self-study and share their creative and new ideas with each other. It also gave teachers time to explore a lot more app, links and become more digitally sound. Lot of hidden talents got uncovered and the air of doing some brilliantly new and useful learning engagements for our kids came up. It truly makes our teachers more international minded and globally connected. As excellence has no limit and so is learning, we are continuously working on the professional development of our facilitators and creative, engaged, involving learning engagements for our champions. It’s sure an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills using various online resources to learn and reflect, and strive to give our students the best.

Reflections from Parents:

The parent community has accepted and appreciated our efforts and sent their reflections through Emails, as given below:

Mother of Shrishti Waghela from Nursery C

“I would like to thanks to all my teachers for providing us with such a creative worksheet, which she really enjoyed working on the same during these days. I also like to thanks for giving us such useful links and beautiful ideas and topics, which helped us to engage our children during this period. Adding to above, I want to inform you all that she is missing her school and her friends so much that she keeps on asking me every day that when will be going back to school and she is very eager to meet her friends.” ~ Mrs Rashmita Waghela

Mother of Anaadyaa Talwar JKG B wrote;

“These activities are so great! Thank you so much. Since we don’t have a printer, I couldn’t execute some of the worksheets. But the activity ideas are superb.  Anaadyaa has been painting a lot. She has planted a few seeds, repotted a money plant, has been helping me tidy up around the house and learning a few words like Am, An, At, As, Is, Cat, and Hat. We have been playing scrabble to help her learn these words. Yesterday she arranged a birthday party for her dolls and dressed up in annual day costume. I even had to apply make-up. She also does the annual day dance at home. She is missing Jayantee Ma’am and Shraddha Ma’am. She takes out the school diary and looks at the pictures of her teachers in it. Hope you are all safe and healthy.” ~ Oishee Talwar.

 Mother of Aradhya Mishra, PYP1A wrote;

“As schools continue to remain closed throughout the country due to coronavirus, more and more parents are finding themselves with an unexpected and challenging new job title: Teacher. I would like to thank V.K.E for working and even more active for parents in these difficult times by using the benefit of technology. Param ma’am, Clera Ma’am and Sukriti ma’am have lists of worksheets ,interesting games and a lot of  other activities to keep my kid busy a and curriculum to review with us, and being a parent I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the planned activities and worksheets which we are receiving on daily basis to keep our child engage and  to help her make the right amount of progress during the time their schools remain close. Also I truly appreciate how Param ma’am, Clera Ma’am and Sukriti ma’am honestly shares the improvement areas of child along with the strengths. The candid feedback helps to keeps things in give the right impression. Whenever I have approached them with any concerns, they have always addressed them. I would also like to thank Desiree Ma’am and Sakshi ma’am for their constant guidance and support for my daughter’s future. Thanks ma’am for creating a long lasting bond with Aradhya and for being an awesome teachers! She is lucky to have you all!! Keep exceeding the expectations!! We appreciate all of the patience, time and energy that you guys are putting into teaching. Even when the situation seems serious, you empower my child to learn and have fun. Thank you for the efforts you take for chiseling out a child’s future.” ~ Anchal Mishra


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