Virtual Learning for MYP students

Virtual Learning for MYP Students

Despite the current global threat, Victorious Kidss Educares has proven its mettle in maintaining the quality of the education it provides. Abiding by the orders of the Ministry, while the school has officially been closed, the entire school in unison and with force implemented online distance digital learning sessions with the objective of engaging students constructively in their learning process.  The task that required humongous planning on part of the MYP & DP Program gave way to the hybrid approach of utilizing both synchronous (happening collaboratively and at the same time with a group of students and teachers via video conferencing, screen sharing) as well as asynchronous (through notes, worksheets, presentations and recorded audio files) methodologies. The sessions were planned to keep in mind the feasibility of student involvement and considering the possible technical issues, varying degrees of parent involvement, as well as illness (if any).  The team so far, has found synchronous learning a powerful way to keep the class connected and united. The instructions required for all the classes are being sent via online platforms, such as Managebac and emails ~ well in advance. Video conference calls through apps such as Skype and Zoom are being made to introduce important lessons or projects, while all the reference material is being shared through Managebac and Google classroom, Zoom classes and Webinar. Teachers are providing immediate feedback through online knowledge checks, comments on collaborative documents and chat to keep students motivated and moving forward.

Not just the students but also the pedagogical leadership team members are actively involved in imparting the necessary training to the teachers. Important decisions are being made effectively in collaboration, over conference calls and implemented with the help of advanced technologies. The pedagogy leaders are collating and collaborating through conference calls with quality team and HOD’s for planning and reflecting on sessions, helping in smooth functioning of the e-classes. Teachers are providing immediate feedback through online knowledge checks, comments on collaborative documents and chat to keep students motivated and moving forward.

 To keep parents in loop homerooms are sending the whole day’s report along with next day’s schedule. Guidelines to ensure the privacy and data protection have been shared with the students, and the teachers were successful in developing the online class “‘Essential Agreements” ~ a strategy utilized at VKE to bring out the best as well as establish control’’.

‘Live Breaks’ are being observed on Google classrooms, to allow students to connect with each other and collaborate. Home room teachers are assuring that the students should get ‘break learning’ into smaller chunks and they should be clear about expectations for online participation. Teachers and Heads, Coordinators are refreshing their strategies, concepts as well as the contents for the next session. The timetable provides ample opportunities to students for learning activities scheduled in the mornings, while the latter part of the day is left to the students for offline pursuits. The team has also been successful in scheduling one day a week for completing pending work and even had a “screen-free” day. The guidelines that ensure the privacy and data protection along with the online class ‘Essential Agreements’ have been shared with the students.

Besides academic learning, the MYP-DP team has also considered the holistic development of the learners. As an upshot, sessions such as Music, Physical Training, Yogic Meditation, Behavioral Counseling, as well as Career Counseling have been implemented and effectively utilized by trained teachers. Each day, homeroom teachers are sending detailed report of the classes that have been conducted, tools used, tasks to be followed up etc., to the parents to keep them updated with the on-going classes.

‘Learning to Love to Learn’. The team continues to desire to discover more ways to ensure that learning continues in an increasingly healthy way and provide the best possible learning experiences for students despite difficult condition May 2020! And yet with the blessings and Divine Grace, continue to score the highest at the IB World Examination, in final World Assessment of MYP V (10 Std) & DP II (Worldwide 12 Std)!

Reflection by father of Nishi Rathod – MYP3 Inquirers

“This is excellent. Way all the staff are planning and managing is commendable. I don’t think anyone can do what you have done at such a short notice. I am very thankful to all teachers, coordinators, principal.” ~Manish Rathod

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