Robbin Ghosh is the Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board at Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School

Victorious Kidss Educares-Dr.Robbin Ghosh

Robbin Ghosh is spreading the message of latest of teaching and learning pedagogy of the International Baccalaureate (IB) coupled with the philosophy of Vedanta as Swami Vivekananda has made available for India and the rest of the world. Robbin Ghosh has a clear understanding that India is shooting ahead, with the children emerging, enriched with the largest of research-based western science of teaching and coupled with the wisdom of Vedanta that ‘All power is within the child’. Discovering that power is, in today’s world is called ‘schooling or parenting’!

The IB World School Victorious Kidss, enriched with intense research on the application of Vedanta, coupled together with IB Pedagogy of schooling, has been declared by IB as a model IB school in Asia, since 2012. The results of the children are brilliant and shaking the methodology of traditional schooling. With the intense inquiry-based teaching and learning conceptual foundation, the students of Vkidss, are becoming world toppers, amongst 5200 IB School League students of the world! 

The belief of the entire school team is driven by the understanding that when working with truth and academic honesty, the blessings of the Gurus, Gods, and Divine Mother of the universe would handhold the children towards astounding secret power and success, from within the students at the school. The children discover their own hidden inner power and manifest it into the real world!!

During his active combat service with the IAF, Robbin Ghosh commanded a MIG Squadron, during INDO PAK CHINESE Aggression. He was known to be a very courageous, skilful Combat Fighter Pilot. He had also become, during his course of training service, the Chief Production Test Pilot, a ‘Cat A’ Instructor in IAF as well as in the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), USA. He held a meritorious record in the IAF, as a Commander of a MIG Squadron of Fighter Combat Planes and was selected by The IAF in The First of the indoctrinated Jaguars Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft. 

He chose to take premature retirement, in the rank of a Wing Commander, from active service and serve his mother country, with the latest of teaching and learning of the western world coupled with the awakened sleeping and forgotten wisdom of Vedanta of Bharat (India).


Robbin Ghosh was very keen on being different, discovering new techniques, acquiring skills in getting the unattainable. He had a passion for the search for the unknown, the unachievable, danger and the excitement of ‘flying’. From a very young age of 15, he had focused himself towards a ‘search for truth’ and challenges for the commonly unachievable! aeronautics, meteorology, human engineering), combat flying, instructional flying, test flying and fighter tactics. 

He, in his Air-Force life, travelled to several countries with missions from IAF to teach combat and instructional flying. Through the years of instructional interaction in the air and on the ground, awakened an inner realisation, that educational systems in the world and particularly in India, need a reformation and there is a need to restructure, to revolutionise the Teaching and Learning.

This search took him deep into the works of ancient masters of the world. This included studies of Vedanta, Upanishads, Gita, Bible, and other ancient scriptures along with the research done on the educational field of Western Sciences of IB.

Victorious Kidss Educares, the unique IB World Schooling coupled with Vedanta, was founded by him, on 6th Jan 1997. In his search for excellence in education, he has done several specializations on ‘Human Mind’, ‘Early Child Brain Development’, ‘Differentiated Classroom Strategies’ and has studied Indian Vedanta, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Quran and other religious textbooks intensely. His search opened opportunities for him by getting connected with reputed scientists and researchers such as Glen Doman, Gordon Dryden, Howard Gardner (Professor of Education, Harvard University), Edward de Bono and many other educators of the decade. The connection matured into more research and specialisation in early child brain development, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, human consciousness, and pedagogy of the International Baccalaureate.

His philosophy, based on the ancient Vedanta and the latest of International Baccalaureate (IB), dictates ‘Success for Every Child’ in which the school, teaching and learning are fundamentally driven with the thought that, ‘Every Child Matters (ECM)’. His team is guided by the principles of ancient India coupled with the latest of the IB pedagogy.

The understanding belief amongst all teachers is, “If the student has not learnt, it is the school that has failed to teach”.

Victorious Kidss Educares is based with deep faith in Indian and Western Spirituality. The manifestation of perfection in every child is ‘Spirituality’. Discovering this secret power from within is the doctrine of a spiritually driven school and the latest of the ‘Science of parenting’. 

He believes Science and Spirituality are not different in their truest sense. Science is a method of learning about the physical universe through the application of ‘scientific inquiry’. This essentially means discovering ‘The Truth’ that exists outside of us. Spirituality is the best discovering science, ‘to find out the world within us. Uncover ~ discover ~ “Who Am I” is our true journey. 

Search and find the truth of our existence in this world

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