“We know what we are, but know not what we may be” – William Shakespeare

Mission of Career Counselling Department
Help our students identify their academic goals and aspirations and ensure that it’s in line with their larger purpose in life.
We handhold students right from subject selection, to launching themselves in undergraduate colleges as mature adults, caring and serving not only themselves and their families but also the entire world.

Career Counselling Department
University Placement & Career Counseling Head: Ms. Jaya Kalsy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 66355548, 67116394

Confused about how to recognize your career interest? What should you do after high school? Which university should you go to? What career path/ college course should your child take? When should I start my college application?

Yes, choosing the right career path, educational course and universities can be a crucial decision with long-term consequences for any high school student and their parents. It is important for students to carefully consider their interests, strengths, and goals when making this decision. It can also be helpful to speak with career guidance counselors, educators, and professionals in various fields to get a better understanding of the options available and what might be the best fit. It is also essential to consider the reputation and resources of the educational institution, as these can have an impact on the excellence of education, degree, and opportunities available to the student. Ultimately, it is imperative for the student to choose a path that they are passionate about and will be motivated to pursue, as this will increase the chances of success in their career.

By providing students with accurate and relevant information about different fields, VKE Career Counseling team help students make more informed decisions about their education and career paths which further help students to develop a plan to achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles that they may face along the way. Building the motivational level of a student is necessary for long term success and improving the overall performance of a student.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, the VKE career counseling department often organize exclusive webinars, workshops, national & international university fairs, industrial visits and other events that benefit students develop the skills they need to succeed in their career disciplines. These may include resume building, interview skills, profile building, student portfolio creation, summer programmes, internships, and networking events, college applications, scholarship benefits, etc. Furthermore, the counselors help students understand the job market, including the skills, qualifications and careers that are in demand, and how to effectively market themselves to universities. VKE has hosted world’s top universities on campus and placed our students to their dream universities with tremendous scholarship offers, at the same time the students have experienced real-life experience and learnt how to boost their portfolios through summer internships in many respected organisations.

University Visits   |   Summer Internships

Basic Framework of the Department

Admission after IB Education

IB education is one of the worlds most renowned and recognized education system. Higher education institute around the world admit students based on their IB results. VKE Career Counselling department provides excellent support for students in shortlisting Universities and helps them with their application process by providing necessary documents, transcripts, recommendation letters etc. To Know more about the Admissions after IB DP Please click here: https://www.victoriouskidsseducares.org/academic-programmes/college-placements/

University Visits and Fairs

Career Counselling department continuously collaborates with various National and International Universities for securing admission for VKE students. Many of these universities visit the school to give information about their university, the courses they offer the eligibility requirements and scholarship opportunities. Details of some of the recent visits are given below.

Summer Internships

The career counselling department at Victorious Kidss has initiated an “Internship Program” for our Diploma Students.

Internship programs is a learning experience that is directly linked to a student’s subject of specialisation and career aspirations. Internships help students to apply classroom learning’s, theories and experiences to professional settings. In today’s competitive environment, mere academics will not suffice to achieve the higher goals of life; it is such kind of hands on experience that goes a long way in helping students create a niche for themselves.

Benefits of Internships to students

  • Insight into an exciting concept that is very popular in western countries and other degree students in India
  • Internship Programme gives students a glimpse into a particular course so that their decision to do that course for the next 3-4 years becomes stronger
  • It gives them the opportunity to get a first-hand information of what the program will actually entail
  • Better marketability when it comes for job prospects

About the Internship Program @ VKE

  • The internship program is mandatory for every DP student.
  • The internship program is designed for duration of 3-5 weeks. (Min – 1 week; Max 4 weeks) where students visit a particular organization and work in their selected area of interest.
  • For example if a student plans to study engineering after diploma then he/she can undertake an assignment in an engineering set up.
  • This will help them solidify their decision to take up that particular career
  • Students have to complete the below Internship Instruction Form’ and submit to the career counselling department.
  • The form contains the reasons why the student is choosing this particular organization and the particular assignment
  • This will enable us to verify if he is doing his interns in line with his career aspiration.
  • Students should select the subject of internship based on their area of interest and career objective.
  • In cases where students have more than one career aspiration, you have the choice of doing your 1 week of internship in one area of preference and the 2nd week of internship in the other area of choice.
  • In some cases they may opt to choose a particular internship based on the course work that they have taken up or any other substantial and significant experiences and educational opportunities that they have had in the past.
  • The career counselling department will verify all the above and give a consent for the internship program.
  • If students do not prepare for their internship or do not continue their internship program, they will obtain lesser grades in their IAs and the Career counselling department will not be responsible for their admission process thereafter.
  • On completion or during the internship, students should start the preparation of the following:
    • a weekly journal of work activities and observations as they relate to theory;
    • a formal paper (8-10 pages) which integrates experience, applied theory, and perceptions of the job;
    • a portfolio of work/product samples;
    • an interview protocol and data from interviews conducted with organization personnel to obtain information about their jobs and background;
    • a publishable abstract as a result of reading a business book on a related topic]
  • As a requirement of the Internship experience students should also submit at the end of the semester:
    • The Intern Evaluation form provided by the School and completed by your respective reporting manager at work.
    • “Intern Experience Letter” to be obtained from the organization.

 Career Exploratory Program

Our Awesome Trip to the States

This journey we embarked on at 29th October 2017 can be described as one of the most memorable school trips. From exploring the city that never sleeps to visiting the topmost colleges and universities in the entire world, there was no aspect of the trip which did not make us jump in joy. Every single day we filled our wonder sheets and went off discovering the realms of this wonderful nation. We visited Mother Liberty and learnt what significance it holds to Americans. We visited Broadway, Times Square, Madame Tussauds, UN Headquarters and all the amazing places the ‘Big Apple’ boasts. Our personal favourites were the Universities, of course, MIT, Harvard and Yale. Seeing those students scampering around hallways, mixing portions, studying in the remarkable libraries made us want to be there along with them and enthused us to pursue the dreams we have.

As it was a Career Exploratory program, we witnessed various careers in action, a UN representative, an international officer, theatre artist, or a museum curator. But then came the days we looked most forward to, our visit to Kennedy Space Centre. We hopped on board the Atlantis Shuttle and launched into 2 days of stars, satellites and space exploration. We saw the control rooms, met some superheroes of space, and experienced what it was to be rocketed off the land. All of this amazing study adventures were balanced out with our 2 days of fun at Sea World and Universal Studios. We sat on the adrenaline pumping high-speed Mako rollercoaster and explored Hogwarts, the realm of the Harry Potter. We went ride after ride with a grin on our face, taking the most out of the last days of our marvellous adventure. Finally, the day came and we left the States with a smile on our face, but sadness washed away on our hearts, knowing that it was over.

This trip taught us what it was to love to learn, through practical explorations and experiments. We duly thank Jaya Maam, who put up with our mischief with a smile and volunteered to accompany us on this unforgettable trip. We thank Shaarda Maam and Dr Ghosh, who give us such wonderful varied opportunities for learning.